Starting your own ice cream shop? Here are some things you must know

Ice cream is a fun and delicious treat, and running an ice cream shop can seem exciting and enticing. But if you want to start your own ice cream business, you need to do some planning. Eager to get started, people often open an ice cream shop with little planning or foresight, which is a critical mistake. You must get the proper permits and ice cream shop supplies.

Proper Permits

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Although boring, the first step in starting an ice cream shop is obtaining the proper permits. You must contact the local clerk’s office to get a business permit. Next, you must get a license to dispense food from your local health department, which requires you to complete a written test.


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You must obtain the proper supplies, such as a storage container, tasting spoons, and a freezer. It’s vital you take available funding into consideration. While it might be tempting to take out a huge business loan, it is recommended to start small and expand.

Growing Your Business

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If everything goes well, your customer base will begin to increase, which means more potential for growth and expansion. It’s vital you are prepared to meet increased demand, so you must have enough supplies. You don’t want to turn customers away due to inadequate amounts of ice cream. Having extra gelato cups and spoons is also important.

As your business grows, it’s also vital to consider hiring more employees. Running your shop alone can be stressful and overwhelming according to Gelato Products.

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