Become a nutritionist with this career advice

You’ve wolfed down enough asparagus tips to make your head spin. Sugary drinks seem about as interesting to you as a PowerPoint presentation on electricity pylons. You see your friends’ eyes glaze over as they listen to you, yet again, tell them about the health benefits of kale.

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For some of us, being a fitness and nutrition fanatic isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of living.

And as the general population becomes more conscious of issues surrounding healthy living, you don’t only have to share your power smoothie ingredients with your pals down the pub. With a little bit of elbow grease (and that’s extra virgin olive oil, not vegetable fat) you could make a living from your nutritional knowledge.

But few people will trust you just because you mention avocadoes every few sentences. You’ve got to have more than personally acquired knowledge. You have to be qualified.

Getting qualified

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That doesn’t necessarily mean swotting at university. There are plenty of fully accredited providers of nutrition courses online.

Why would I need a qualification when I’m already well versed in the world of nutrition? you’re probably thinking. For a start, because you probably don’t know as much as you think.

There are plenty of caveats in nutritional values, and every new diet will impact different people in different ways. A person with less body mass than a broom handle might need to increase their protein intake, while someone who can’t resist themselves around cakes will have to cut down on saturated fats and sugars.

This is only one variable of many where diets are concerned. You’re able to regulate your own body’s health because you’re familiar with it. But when someone else’s health is put into your hands, you’ll flounder without proper tutelage.

An effective nutritional course will teach you how to cater to every body type, broadening the possibilities of finding work in your field.

The world is your oyster

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Once you’ve received your qualification, there are plenty of employment options at your disposal. You could apply for a position at a private gym or start your own private practice. It’s up to you.

That isn’t, however, the end of the story. In a fast-changing world like nutrition, you’ll have to stay up to date with the latest superfoods and dietary alternatives if you want to keep reeling in customers. What’s more, you’ll have to stay looking healthy yourself if you want to keep reeling in customers. After all, who’ll trust an overweight Johnny Vegas-type with their dieting habits?

Provided you can stay helpful and accurate, your role as a nutritional specialist will stay secure. So whip up a power smoothie and make a toast to your new career.

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