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Ask any avid coffee drinker the best thing about coffee and you would find the answer; its aroma and flavor. These two essence of coffee come from roasted beans. Coffee tastes its best if the beans are roasted fresh. You can easily find the difference in the taste if you try coffee with beans that were roasted a month ago and beans that are roasted a few minutes back. Coffee made with old beans would not have the same flavor and taste and its taste reduces with each cup and each day.

Hence if you too are a coffee lover, and want to enjoy the best taste with the best aroma, you must consider to buy an instant coffee roaster. Although most of the coffee roasters are available for commercial purposes, there are a few varieties that cater for home needs too. Following are top best five coffee roasters which would make your choice easy:

1. iRoast2

iRoast  coffee roaster

The iRoast2, one of the latest roasters and designed with latest features, comes as a lower-cost consumer models. It roasts and cools in about 20 minutes and can roast up to 1 cup or 5.3 oz of beans, enough to produce up to 24 cups of coffee, in one shot. It has about 10 programmable memory functions with roast options from light to French. This roaster allows you a customized roasting by its feature of temperature control. It also allows for clear visibility with its glass chamber during the process with a double filtration chaff collection that can be dismantled for easy cleaning. Priced at $199, it is ideal for small home consumption.

2. Fresh Roast Plus 8

Fresh Roast2

This is a very popular model mostly because it is simple to operate and cheaper than most others. It allows for 50g or 3.5 oz of beans for roasting making it the preferred consistent roaster for new users and small-quantity users. Just load the container with two scoops of beans and turn the timer knob to start the process. It takes just eight minutes to get the roasting done to perfection. The Fresh Roast plus 8, however, is more suitable for lighter roasts than the darker varieties. It is priced at $70 and comes with a one year warranty.

3. Hot Top Drum Roaster

Hot Top coffee roaster

Modeled after a professional shop roaster, this stainless steel roaster yields the closest to professionally roasted coffee. The Hot Top Kn-8828p-2 Digital Drum Coffee Roaster is an advanced model and mainly targeted towards hard-core coffee aficionados. It allows for about 250 gms per roasting. It has a 12 to 22 minutes cycle for roasting depending on the roasting option. However the user can end roast at any time without causing any loss of programming or glitches on the machine. It emits audible and visual signals of roast progress to help the user to see through the perfect roasting as per desire. Priced at $580, this roaster is a must buy for all coffee lovers.

4. Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster


With a built in catalytic converter, this is a revolutionary smoke free roaster that is easy to use with its pre-set digital controls. With a fully functional control panel, the roaster is beneficial for lighter roasts. Easy and economical, it provides evenly colored and aromatic coffee in about 25 minutes including five minutes of cooling time, without much sound and fury. It comes with a six month warranty and is priced at $150.

5. Gene Cafe Drum Roaster

Gene cafe roaster

With the ability to control the time and temperature of your roast, this roaster gives you an infinite degree of control over your coffee. It roasts about as small as 1.8 ounce to as much as 12 ounce yielding about 8 cups to 50 cups in a batch. In addition, its innovative cooling system allows multiple batches throughout the day. It also allows for convenient cleaning, even roasting and easy refilling with the removable roasting chamber. Priced at about $495, it is simple to use and with its temperature overheat safety switch, makes it a perfectly safe option.

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