The Best Foods to Detox Marijuana out of the Body (reduce THC levels)

Detox Marijuana out of the Body

If you’re reading this because you’ve made a decision to detox your body from long-term THC use, then congratulations. If you’re here because you’re looking for a quick detox solution to pass drug tests then you’re out of luck. We’ll tell you right off the bat that there’s no miracle food that’s going to clean your system fast; however, over-time, adopting new eating habits that help in detoxifying the body and brain; will detox the weed from your fat stores and bloodstream. This guide will show you some of the best weed detox diet tips.

Some facts about THC you should know

bloodstreamTHC is a chemical that will stay in the fat stores of your body for up to 4 months depending on your personal metabolism. It will continue to leach out into the bloodstream each time you do any exercise. Until that supply is exhausted and only after you discontinue use of marijuana completely; will you see a sufficient detoxification. This means you don’t touch weed at all; second-hand smoke shouldn’t do much but being around your stoner friends is probably not the brightest idea in the first place.

Foods that Detox

The same foods that detox for those who don’t partake in marijuana use are the same foods you’ll use. It doesn’t matter at all if you eat a ton of it or not. Why? Because, as we stated in the beginning–you’re dealing with a chemical that will disappear over time. There’s  no real research that suggests any food will push the chemical out faster. It works the same way for people who research foods for chronic diseases and disorders–time is what it takes for a food to take hold.

The problem with food today

Eating whole foods is difficult today. We don’t have the quality that the last 2 generations did. Much of the nutrition we need to flush out the chemicals from our system have been compromised. GMOs and chemicals make things harder to absorb and this is where detox takes place.

What you can actually do effectively

exercise regularly

Supplement yourself on a daily basis and make sure you’re eating reasonable portions of the foods on the list we compiled here. Make sure in the initial stages of cleansing THC you exercise regularly and pump the THC from the fat stores into the bloodstream where they can be detoxed.

This is a realistic and sensible way of accomplishing what you need to do. We’ll  suggest though, within this time, even if you haven’t touched marijuana; it can be detected by a drug-test up to 4 months after cessation. So, don’t be in a position to have to take a drug-test. If you’re already in a position where you would need to do pop drug-test; then we suggest talking to who you need to talk to and tell them you’re cleaning yourself out. Tell them also that exercise may push out excess THC into your bloodstream. If you feel safe to do so then this would be the way – only you know your circumstance.

Our Favorite Juice Cleanse Recipes

While juice cleanses may be good for you, they can be pretty hard to get through. All you can do for several days is drink juice, so you better be sure that it is something delicious. If you are drinking juice you don’t like, there’s a strong chance you will not make it through the entire cleanse. To help you out with that, we have gathered together a list of some of our favorite juice cleansing recipes. In order to have a good juice cleanse, you need to have the fruits and vegetables that you like, along with recipes that combine them together well. Whether you are looking to make fruit juice or vegetable juice, a good recipe can go a long way. Here are just a few of our favorites:

1. The Ultimate Green Juice

This is one of our favorite recipes, and for good reason. The base of this juice is celery, which is packed with nutrients. On top of that there is a great amount of potassium, magnesium, folic acid, calcium and iron. This juice goes down smooth, and provides you with many of the nutrients you need to have throughout the day. Here’s what goes in it:

1 Bunch Celery
Several Kale Leaves
1 Green Apple
A Big Handful of Parsley Leaves
1 Lime and 1 Lemon
And 1 Inch of Fresh Ginger

2. Dandelion Berry Bliss

strawberry timeThis juice is a great example on how juices with pulp can be more nutritional and have a better texture. This recipe combines a few odd choices for ingredients to make one very refreshing drink. It’s so good, that you may start drinking it by the poolside rather than when you are on a juice cleanse.
2 Cups of Strawberries
1 Cup of Dandelion Leaves (adjust for your tastes)
1 Cup of Raspberries
1 Small Chilli
10 to 20 drops of liquid Stevia (alcohol free)

3. Tropical Paradise

Medium PapayaIf you are looking for a good juice to have in the morning, look no further than this one. It is light on the digestive system, making it easy to have first thing after you wake up, and it helps to clear out any build up that may have occurred over night.
1 Medium Papaya
1 Pineapple
1 Piece of Fresh Ginger
1 Medium Kiwi
½ Cup of Fresh Coconut Water

4. Blossoming Lotus

GingerThis last juice recipe is an exotic change from the other ones on our list. It has a few simple ingredients, but they combine to make a unique, healthy, and tasty drink. If you want something to change your pace away from the other mundane juices you are having, give this one a try.
5 Large Fuji Apples

1 Piece of Fresh Ginger
1 Medium Lime
7 Large Sprigs of Cilantro

Weed brownies – How to make them to your taste

Weed browniesWeed brownies are just like any other ordinary brownies, but what make it stand out is its special ingredient – weed. Popularly known as pot brownie, it is well-liked by the cannabis (or marijuana) lovers. These brownies contain a little amount of marijuana (weeds) which is a drug. The effect of this drug can be seen slowly and steadily.

Some doctors suggest marijuana in the cancer treatment to reduce the nausea, mental trauma and pain connected with the ailment. For aged patients (suffering from cancer) it is recommended to include marijuana (which contains the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol) in their daily meals in different forms. Patients suffering from back pain are also advised to eat marijuana to reduce the pain.

Be it a family get-together, potluck or a casual party, weed brownie is a hit everywhere. If you are worried about the preparation of the weed brownie recipe, here is an easy recipe that will help you get appreciation from your friends. Follow this simple and scrumptious weed brownie recipe to satiate your taste buds.

Time taken: Thirty to forty minutes


For weed butter:

1 oz of weed

1 lb of butter (real butter)

For weed brownie:

6 ounces (or 3/4 cup) of weed butter

½ teaspoon salt

4 cups of flour

6 ounces of sugar free chocolate

4 eggs

2 and ½ cups of honey

Greased 9×12 pan or baking dish

1 tablespoon vanilla

3 tablespoons of rum or whiskey (optional)


Recipe of weed butter:

Firstly take a sauce pan and melt the butter in it. As soon as the butter melts completely, add the marijuana weeds and let it boil until the butter becomes green. Transfer the butter through a filter and remove all the weed pieces. Freeze the butter till it becomes solid again.

Recipe of weed brownie:

Weed browniesTake a saucepan and melt the chocolate in it. Then add the honey and the home made weed butter and mix properly. Now add eggs and blend again. Then add the vanilla, salt, flour and blend the mixture properly. Now transfer this mixture into the pan. Bake the brownie mixture in the oven at a temperature of 375 degrees for about 35 minutes. Take out the mixture and let it cool for one hour.

Cut the brownie into two inch square pieces and keep them in the refrigerator.

Throw a party and surprise your guests by making these yummy weed brownies. Serve these brownies with tea, wine, coffee or port.


The home made weed butter can be used in homemade brownies, cakes, cookies or any other cuisine that includes butter in its recipe. Avoid eating excess of weed butter.

You can make a variety of weed brownies by experimenting with different ingredients in the brownie recipe. For example, try with one and half cups of cherry halves and two tablespoons brandy; or 3 tablespoons of rum, whiskey or cognac; or 2 tablespoons crystals of instant coffee melted in one tablespoon of hot water; or add a few drops of mint extract to the brownie batter to enhance its taste, or you can just add weed to out following sinfully delicious cake recipes.

5 Sinful Chocolate cake recipes

Sinful Chocolate cake recipesCakes are perhaps the most sinful desserts one eventually ends up indulging into; but when it’s a chocolate cake, it no more remains a sin, it becomes an unstoppable duty to complete the cake!

Chocolate cakes are perhaps the most common and loved cakes that can be prepared in the form of fudges, souffles, velvets, and molten structures etc. A chocolate cake surely makes your day and here are a few recipes that you would want to pounce on and get your hands dirty trying them.

1. Chocolate decadence flourless cake

Chocolate decadence flourless cake

a. Keep your oven ready at a temperature of 350 degrees F and line a 10 inch round pan with parchment paper.

b. Prepare a mixture of soft butter, chocolate cubes, and chocolate chips in a spacious bowl. Pour 1 and a half cups sugar and hot water in a saucepan and pour it over the chocolate after it has boiled.

c. Whip eggs and 1/4 cup sugar in a bowl and pour it into a 10 inch pan.

d. Use a cookie sheet to place this pan in the oven, filling the sheet with water.

e. Now simply bake the mixture at the set temperature for about 45 minutes and then refrigerate it for several hours.

f. You can remove the cooled cake by placing the pan in hot water, finally pamper it with whipped cream and it’s ready.

2. Chocolate citrus tart

Chocolate citrus tart

a. Use a 9 inches springform pan, line it with a non-stick paper and grease its sides.

b. Simultaneously beat the melted butter and sugar with flour, cocoa powder, and egg and keep it in the fridge for a few hours.

c. Keep the oven ready to 350 deg F and use your fingers to pat down half of the tart dough into the springform pan. Bake the mixture for about 7 minutes.

d. In order to prepare the filling, blend sugar, and egg for 2-3 minutes, add and mix lemon juice, orange juice, grated orange peel, flour and baking powder.

e. Now pour the mixture to the springform pan and bake at 250 deg F for 35 minutes.

f. Use a knife to release the cake from sides and let it cool at room temperature.

g. In case you wish to make the chocolate frosting, boil the cream and add chopped chocolate so it becomes smooth and thick.

h. Finally spread the chocolate frosting evenly and enjoy.

3. Semi liquid chocolate cake

Semi liquid chocolate cake

a. Keep your oven ready at a temperature of 350 deg F and grease a 7 inch cake tin.

b. Chop the chocolate and blend it with melted butter and hot water.

c. Whip eggs with sugar for 5 minutes and add corn starch to the stirred mixture.

d. Transfer the melted butter and chocolate mixture in the cake tin and bake at the set temperature for 10 minutes.

e. You are to finally cool the cake for 5 minutes and then serve with ice cream for better presentation.

4. Devil’s food cake

Devil’s food cake

a. Preheat oven to 350 degree F (Gas mark 4 or 180 deg C) and grease two 9 in (23 cm) cake tins.

b. Add boiling water to cocoa in a bowl, mix it well and let it cool.

c. On the other side, heat egg yolks, butter and sugar for approximately 5 minutes and eventually add in flour, baking powder and baking soda.

d. Add the cocoa mixture, sour cream and vanilla extract and stir it well.

e. Bake the mixture at a preheat oven of 350 degrees into a 9 inch cake tin for 45 minutes and let it cool.

f. You can frost the cake by combining sugar and water in a saucepan, cooking it at 242 degrees and adding cream of tartar and negligible amount of salt, beat them until stiff.

g. Cool the cake in the fridge and indulge in it.

5. Black forest cake

Black forest cake

a. Line a 9 inch cake pan with grease proof paper and preheat the oven to 35 degree F.

b. Beat the melted butter with sugar and egg, mixing it well.

c. Then add flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract and buttermilk to the rest of the mixture.

d. Pour this mixture in the pan and heat it for 50 minutes. You can use a knife to loosen the sides of the cake in the pan and remove it.

e. Finally cool the cake and refrigerate it, thereby enjoying its tasty flavor.

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