12 Types of foodies you would find everywhere

Types of foodies

For most people, food is an important part of their lives and to some extent, we are all foodies. There are some people who eat to live, and others who live to eat. Some love variety and love to experiment with their food, and some are content to stick to particular foods which they love. Some of us love the beauty of food and clicking the photos of tasty meals and posting it Insta or FB before they can eat. There are numerous types of foodies – read on and see if you fit into any of the categories!

12 types of foodies you find everywhere

Addicted to food type

Addicted to food typeFood is everything to them and they love eating. Their world revolves around the different mealtimes, and can eat anything and everything without complaint.

The Always Hungry foodie

These foodies have all the apps to order food online as they never know when the hunger pangs may start again. These types of foodies can devour breakfast, brunch, snacks, dinner and still can manage a few more unnamed meals in between. And, they always have space for desserts, even after gobbling down a huge lunch or dinner. You never know when hunger may strike!

Food snob

Food snobHave you ever eaten with a food snob? They are the ones who have to have every meal perfect, and can send a dish back if its short of salt or not the perfect temperature. They will know the right spelling for French dishes and even if they can’t cook to save their lives, the so-called food connoisseur types of foodies will have to act superior than the Michelin star chef!

Know all foodie

The Know all foodie will try his/her best to help you make the meal choice for you and them, and with their knowledge might ebnd up confusing you. You don’t need an encyclopedia when the Know All is with you – he will tell you the pros and cons of every food, the calorific value and from where the ingredients originated. Unlike the snob, this person may actually know what he’s talking about, but be prepared for a continuous food lectue throughout the meal.

Selfie enthusiast

Selfie enthusiastThese types of foodies  loves to order food and drinks at fancy new restaurants, and take numerous selfies, from all possible angles, before they dig in. In fact, they are more hungry for the ‘likes’ they get and the admiring comments than the food that is in front of the. They will ignore their real companions and interact more with their virtual companions.


They have strong noses and can get the whiff of food wherever they are. If they get the aroma of food, they go crazy and will drag you to the next restaurant to eat the dish they sniffed. If they are invited for lunch or dinner, they will tell you what has been cooked by sniffing it out!


CribberThis is one of the types of foodies who can never be pleased. They will crib, crib, crib about everything. They are perhaps the worst meal companions you can have, as they will complain throughout the entire meal. It’s a surprise that they manage to eat anything their whole lives, as they are never happy about food!

Dreamer foodie

The dreamer foodie dreams or rather day dreams about food. Dreaming of food is the way they escape from reality and their love of food keeps them going.

Daredevil foodie

Daredevil foodieThe daredevil foodie will have all the food apps downloaded on his phone. These types of foodies love to experiment with their food, and have no problem in trying out the most weird food and crazy food challenges most people would run away from, like this carolina reaper challenge. He has umpteen stories of his experiences with bizarre food, which he will relate with great gusto, which is enough to put you off your food!


This foodie will always have eaten something which is more exotic than what you have ever eaten. You should stay away from international cuisine, as you would end up with red ears if you spoke about your experience with exotic cusines. And if you just go and have a burger, you would be informed where in the world the best burgers can be found! He just has to have the upper hand all the time. Also, he would know the best food apps to order from, which of course are the same as you order from, but he knows better.

Well-mannered foodie

Well-mannered foodieThey are the types of foodies who follow proper etiquette while eating. Their table manners are impeccable, and you would feel as if you are Tarzan who has just come into the city – i.e. you feel like a total wild person who has no idea how to eat at a restaurant!

Possessive foodie

You must have encountered this foodie – he’s the one who hates to share his food, and if he is in a situation where he is forced to do so, his unwillingness is apparent to one and all.

So foodies come in all shapes, sizes and types though these are the ones which are the most common. Food is important to us in different ways and the foodies attitude to food point to their personalities.

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