Innovative salad recipes to spice up your diet

Salad is the perfect recipe for a healthy and balanced diet, since it is a multipurpose dish, which can both, serve as a side dish and the main course. The fresh new recipes, which we’ve got for you are the latest pastiches and will completely change your

Great tips to make luscious, light and wholesome salad

Salads have always been one of people’s top favorites while ordering at an eatery. There are several ways that salads can turn it in to a light and healthy option. When hunger strikes, they can be turned into lusciously adorned full meal to meet the gr

7 Appetizing French salads

French salads are one of the recipes which are liked by almost everyone around the world. The secret behind this is the use of fresh ingredients for preparing it. It is an important part of diet in France. Normally olive oil is used for dressing in French

Crab cocktail salad recipe

Are you having a dinner party at home and want to decide what appetizer to cook? You would definitely want something that is easy to make, light on the tummy, and most important of all, something that your guests will smack their lips over. Well, why not

Daily Veg: Ravioli salad recipe

Pasta salad, as we know it today, came down from a long line of intentionally dressed macaroni dishes. The dressing is usually olive oil/vinegar, mayonnaise and cream sauces with the addition of vegetables, herbs and spices and varies according to cuisine

Hot smoked trout salad recipe

Cooking food may seem to come naturally. There may, apparently, be no special skill requirements as such. However, there are some innovative additions to the process, which add to the benefits of cooking. Besides adding to the taste of your food, they als

Are there any salad recipes for kids?

I usually prepare salads for myself, but I mostly use a lot of vegetables in it, and some cheese to add taste to it. Nonetheless, I have learnt from a friend that salads are equally important for kids! My 8 year old is a young brat who doesn’t like the

10 Pasta salad recipes for foodies

Pasta is one of the most famous delight dishes. Originated in Italy, pasta’s popularity has reached peak and it has spread all over the world. Kids love this food very much. There are different varieties of pasta based on their shapes like spaghetti, pen

7 DIY salad dressings to take the taste up a notch

Salads consist of many healthy ingredients which sustain to a person’s need. These can be packed with a complete host of tasty ingredients ranging from eggs to pasta to asparagus. They are also helpful for health conscious people who are strict to their d

Can somebody assist me with some cholesterol lowering foods?

My husband is facing a health problem of high blood pressure and the doctor has suggested low fat and low cholesterol diet for him. I am a health conscious person myself, and I cook for my family keeping in mind the nutritional values of the recipes. None

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