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Restaurant Wrap Up: Mugaritz, Spain

The new age restaurant is here! Mugaritz in Errenteria, Spain is a fine dining, Spanish cuisine restaurant where every guest is delighted with the extremely sumptuous food and the amazingly good service. Today Mugaritz stands as one of the best restaurants in Basque countryside as well as the third best restaurant in the entire world, as rated by the ‘Restaurant’ magazine.

Innovation, creativity and new inventions in food is the core element at Mugaritz with the head chef Andoni Luis, who has written many books on Basque cuisine. Like everything in life needs constant change and spice, same is the flavor of Mugaritz where a new flavor is discovered every day. A varied combination of spices and herbs along with the local produce on the platter marks a lip smacking experience for all food lovers. Even before you enter this divine restaurant, you know that you are in for an amazing experience of your life.


The Mugaritz is Spanish word for ‘the oak at the border’ and this restaurant is located between Astigarraga and Errenteria. The restaurant is exactly located at 20 Aldura Aldea. Caserio Otzazulueta, Renteria, 13 km from the hills of Donostia-San Sebastian. It is closed on Sunday nights and middays on Mondays and Tuesdays.

What makes it the best?

There has to be something really special to make this restaurant the third best in the world. And one keeps wondering as everything in this exclusive restaurant blows the mind of all its guests. From the food, to the ambiance to the excellent service, Mugaritz has it all. The journey to a great experience starts the moment you step a foot into the Mugaritz. Andoni Luis likes to tell his guests a story from the moment they enter this amazing restaurant. The Mugaritz experience makes you feel great as their food mesmerize the taste buds with the varied flavors. Each dish has a story behind it and Andoni Luis makes sure that you are well aware of its history before you savor it in. The dinner is a blend of tastes and a smooth flow where the guest would not come to know when the journey started and when it got over. The veggies on your platter are the fresh and local produce from the garden of Mugaritz that makes the dishes even more special.

The ambiance is aesthetic and extremely well decorated. It has the best stellar kitchen that anyone might have seen. It must be a delight to work here as a chef! Top modern equipments make the kitchen a dream to be in. The restaurant also has huge windows that give a breathtaking view of the Basque landscape.

There are ten courses that one can enjoy and the menu is also a delight to look at. Each dish is perfectly matched and balanced. Choosing the best dish would be a challenge here. The Mugaritz experience is a once in a lifetime experience that leaves every visitor wanting for more.

Top Notch Dining

A difficult decision this is, as every dish served in Mugaritz is special in its own way with a unique story behind it. But nevertheless, for our readers we have combined some of the best rated dishes that one can savor on when at Mugaritz.

  1. Escalope de foie-gras tostado
  2. Nata fresca de soja y romero
  3. Souffle frio de frutos secos
  4. Arenas de polipodio
  5. Trazo de regalis

For those who want to try something simple and delicious you can order ‘White Clay potatoes with aioli’.

The wines served here are passionate and go extremely well with the food.

  1. White Asparagus and shaved jamon
  2. Chilled vegetable soup, shrimp, herbs and fern shoots.
  3. Conft loin of Blue Mackerel
  4. Hake fillet with baby garlic, hazelnut praline, soured cream and purslane.
  5. Ossobucco with toasted lobster Emulsion
  6. Lemon cream with Daikon Raddish
  7. Cooled Vanilla Brioche

Other Attractions

Chef Andoni Luis is the author of many books and one can take a look and even shop here to get a glimpse of Mugaritz in your own kitchen.

The Mugaritz has as many as an 18 course meal and it is difficult to try out everything at the same time. Thus it leaves the visitors asking for more and coming back again to try out the other specialties.

The location also makes it a special experience as it provides a great view of the hills and the historical building makes it a fabulous experience.

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