Recipe: Lebanese butter orange preserve

Lebanese food is one of the most popular cuisine of the middle east countries. It is considered to be one of the best foods that can be found in all parts of the world. Comprehending a consummate mix of dairy products, fish, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, food in Lebanon is one of the most brilliant and well garnished cuisines that one can come across. The recipes are not only healthy but are great to taste, because of the vast diversity, Lebanese food consists of. Flan Croissants, Caramel custards are the most famous Lebanese recipes round the world. Croissants have evolved, in all sorts, rich in butter and stuffed with mutton, fish or chicken, over the last two decades.

Lebanese cuisine has an ample collection of foods and recipes that are local to the region. Babaghanouj served with various sauces and purees as dips is a recipe made by scorching eggplant and baking it to the essence. Ackwai (a local form of cheese), and Kunai, pastry stuffed with nuts, syrup and sweet white cheese are some of the most effective recipes from Lebanese food. Meeze, a mixture of about thirty dishes served at once is considered to have made the Lebanese cuisine world famous. Meeze is a typical combination of salads (Fattoush is an example), dips or sauces such as Matoubal and Hummus, patties and croissants are a part of Meeze.

Oranges, one of the most common citric fruits, are sweet, sour and bitter. There are different varieties of oranges like Mandarin, Minniola, Clementine. An orange is a source of all vitamins, 170 different phytonutrients and 60 flavonoids which help in promoting health. But remember to eat in moderation to avoid loss of calcium.

Given below are some methods of preparing Lebanon Orange food preserve recipes that most of us love to prepare.

First method: Bitter orange peel in syrup


2 ½ tbs of bitter green orange

2 tbs of lemon juice

2 lbs. of sugar

8 oz. of lime solution mixed in 4 pts. of cold water

1 pt. of water.


1. Boil the peel of the oranges in a thick sugar syrup. The syrup should be made by using equal quantities of water and sugar.

2. Add some lemon juice. Remove some quantities of the peel from syrup that can be rolled and served as a candy.

3. Preserve the rest of the preparation in sealed glass containers. The same may be used , whenever required.

4. Oranges are to be boiled and cooked completely. Allow it to cool and separate the seeds from the oranges.

5. Prepare clear water by adding some lime and add this to the oranges kept in an earthenware pot.

6. Wash thoroughly in cold water and leave them to soak for two days.

7. Mix sugar and water in 1:2 ratio and prepare a syrup.

8. Allow it to boil and add this to oranges, until a thick syrup is formed.

9. Add the lemon juice and leave it to boil for a minute.

10. Remove from heat and cool. Pour and store in glass jars.

Second Method:


1. Remove the seeds from oranges. Pre-boil bitter oranges; do not let them get done.

2. Take them off the water and rinse it twice in cold water.

3. Leave these oranges in lime solution for 2 hours.

4. Take out the oranges, wash them twice in cold water and return them to lime solution.

5. Repeat this various times in few days, until all bitterness has gone of the oranges.

6. Prepare 5 ½ lbs. ordinary sugar syrup (for about 100 bitter oranges). When you stop boiling the syrup add oranges and leave them in this syrup for a day.

7. Remove them again, add few grounded cloves. Boil together and put in air tight jars while it is hot.

8. Seal the jars properly when the solution cools. For the lime solution, soak lime in cold water for 24 hours. The water will be clear and ready for use. Should use only clear water.

Oranges contain bio flavonoids which play an important role in nutrition. You can also use a combination of oranges to prepare orange honey marmalade that yields about 1 ½ cups. The ingredients being 2 lb oranges, ¾ cup of honey, 1 orange rind.

Peel the oranges and cut them into small pieces. Put them all in a big pot by adding honey. Also add the naval orange peel which has a good texture and smell. Allow it to took over a low flame for about 45 minutes and your recipe is ready.

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