Quick recipe for a delicious peach cobbler

Many of you have probably heard about the peach cobbler, an incredibly tasty casserole of baked fruits and a syrupy, pastry topping. Peach cobbler is easy to make, provided you follow the steps in the recipe to the ‘T’. Here is one such peach cobbler recipe that features fruit at the bottom and sweetened biscuits as the topping. This crisp and yet tender dish will fill your kitchen with the smell of butter, spice and everything delicious for sure.


  • Ripe Peaches


The best time to make peach cobbler is during the season when they are ripe and succulent. Summer is when they taste their best. So ensure you wait for summer to make this dish as off season peaches rarely taste nice.

It is considered best if you dice the peaches instead of slicing them. This makes it easier for you to fit the peaches into the bowl of a spoon when needed. It is also considered wise to peel the peaches before cooking them as you may then have to combat with cooked skins in the dish.

  • Sugar


You will need sugar to create the syrupy sauce that will go atop the peaches. While you don’t need a ton of sugar for the purpose, you will need just the right amount to make the dish taste like a desert.

  • Lemon Juice


While this is not a standard ingredient, many prefer to add a pinch of lemon juice to their peach cobbler recipe. This will help balance the sweetness brought by the sugar syrup.

  • Corn Starch

Corn and starch on wood table

Another ingredient that is not a must for the peach cobbler recipe, but is still preferred by many is corn starch. Corn starch can be added to the sugary syrup if you don’t want it to be too watery or thin.

  • Vanilla Essence


You can use vanilla essence for that sugary sweet smell. Other alternatives that you can experiment with include cinnamon, caramel essence, or almond extract. Ensure that you use just a few drops of any one of these flavors as you might get a too strong flavor otherwise.

  • Biscuits

peach crumble

These form the topping of the peach cobbler. You can choose any type of biscuits for the same purpose although it would be best if you avoided the salty ones.


Peach cobbler

Whip the peaches and put them inside a baking dish. Cook them at 400°F in an oven for about 10 minutes. You might want to use a rimmed baking sheet that will contain the cobbler in case it decides to overflow while cooking.Super Easy Dessert Recipes to Make for Your BBQ.

To make the biscuits, mix sugar, all purpose flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Add diced and chilled butter and mix the ingredients properly with a blender. Add just a little amount of milk to the mixture and stir it nicely.

Remove the peaches from the oven. Let them cool and then spread the biscuit batter on top of them. Spread them evenly and leave some space in the center to help the heat spread throughout the mix. Pop the tray back into the oven and allow the mix to bake until the biscuits turn brown in color.

To make the syrup, dissolve the necessary amount of sugar in just a few tablespoons of water. Heat the mix until the syrup thickens. Using a brush, apply a small amount of this syrup over the biscuit topping right when the latter starts turning brown in color. This allows the biscuits to get a thin, crackly glaze on the surface, thus making your peach cobbler look extremely appetizing both in appearance and texture.

Thinking of making a peach cobbler? There are several ways to make this delicious desert. However, the easiest and simplest recipe will give you the best peach cobbler treat ever. Go for it!

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