Quick food tips for avoiding wilted veggies

Careful cooking can avoid the wilting of veggies, if they have already wilted there are certain ways to make a good use of them.Here Dr Prem Jagyasi and his expert team suggest some tricks to help you with avoiding the veggies to get wilted and what to do if they have wilted.

Boiling too much won’t help

Blanching hot chard using kitchenware

To prepare non-wilted veggies you can start with the three easiest tricks. Over boiling can change the form of the vegetables and convert them into mushy stuff. Moreover, the nutrients are released into the water in which these are boiled. In fact, until the time the recipe demands the vegetables should not be boiled.

Blanching and shocking

veggies in the boiling water

Another trick is to blanch and shock the veggies, put the veggies in the boiling water. Keep checking them until the time they are soft, don’t allow them to over boil. Shift the vegetables in a colander filled with ice or keep the veggies under cold water. The vegetables won’t wilt and you will get a good color of them.

No overcrowding

Vietnamese food, vegetable soup

The third trick is to cook the veggies in shifts, if there is a variety of them avoid cooking all of them together. Whenever a vegetable is added to the pan, the temperature of the oil lowers down, making them mushy. Do not over crowd the pan with the vegetables.

What to do if you have some wilted veggies?

wilted veggies (2)

There is absolutely nothing to worry, some of the best restaurants use wilted veggies in recipes these days. If you don’t prefer them wilted, you can always make a vegetable stock using them. A vegetable stock can be prepared using a variety of vegetables. The water will absorb the nutrients of the vegetables, add a few spices and herbs to enhance the flavor.

If you do not want to use them for stock immediately, freeze them, so that you can use them later for making stock. Alternately, you can dice them into tiny bits and freeze them. You can add them to a soup or meat and enhance their taste and flavor. Pasta will get a touch of veggie flavors when diced veggies are mixed to it.

Keeping the wilted veggies in a bowl of cold water with some ice will bring them back to life again. You can also keep them in the refrigerator for some time. Adding white vinegar to the cold water will freshen up veggies like radish and carrots.

Avoid boiling the veggies for long and overcrowding the pan to save them from wilting. A cold bath can help in reviving them or you can always make a healthy stock of the wilted greens.

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