Five healthy ways to cook fish—Grilling, poaching, steaming, broiling and baking

Unlike meat, the moisture in the fish dries quickly; so you need to hastily cook fish over high heat source. Pouching is a good option where the fish is immersed in a liquid. In the other methods, you need to maintain an appropriate temperature for good results.

Poached fish


In this method of cooking fish, the fish is laid in a pan and covered with a liquid. The liquid is a chicken or a vegetable stock. Some people prefer using a broth made of spices and herbs. You just need to bring the fish to simmer. The fish will retain moisture and maintain its flavor.

Steamed fish

barramundi steak

Apply the herbs and the spices of your choice on the fish. Take about 2 inches of water in a pan and keep a steamer basket on it. Keep the fish inside the steamer basket and cover the utensil. Boil the water and check the fish after about 10-12 minutes. If it is tender enough, it is ready to be eaten. This kind of fish can be enjoyed with a curry of flavored sauce.

Broiled fish

Grilled salmon with lemon isolated on white

First, you need to preheat the broiler, place the broiling pan in the oven and set the temperature to high (low if the recipe says so). Since the broiler was preheated the fish will cook evenly on both sides, there is no need to turn it in between the process. Apply ½ teaspoon of olive oil on a foil and the keep the fish on it add seasoning and cook it for 5-7 minutes. You can always check the fish in between to ensure that it is not burnt.

Grilled fish

Baked salmon on the grill with fire

You will have to preheat the grill on high heat before you begin the session. Oil the foil like we did in broiling. Keep the fish and the seasoning on it. Place the foil on the grill and cook for 15-20 minutes or until the fish can be peeled using a fork.

Baked fish

Salmon with Spinach

Eating baked fish is a much healthy option than eating fried fish. The oven needs to be preheated first. Apply olive oil or butter on the baking dish and put the fish and the ingredients in the dish. The ingredients may include butter, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Bake it for about 20 minutes.

Fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially tuna and salmon is very beneficial for health. Try cooking fish in any of the healthy methods mentioned above.

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