How to cook meat and fish?

Cooking fishIt is always safe and healthy to follow certain coking techniques to cook meat and fish than go for frying them deep which will not result in healthy food. But before you do that, buy the chicken without the skin in order to easily cut off the fat content instead of frying it in the pan for much time with much oil. There are so many cooking techniques that are observed to store its flavor inside the dish while the fat and heavy calories can be removed before cooking itself. There are certain cooking tips that can keep the unnecessary fat away from the meat and fish when anyone is using them for cooking purpose. Some of those tips are given as under.

1. Shaving of unnecessary fat

The fat that is considered unnecessary has to be trimmed off initially soon after the meat is brought home before cooking. Some times even lean meat is also observed to be sold with fatty tissue hanging at the peripheral parts. It is necessary to simply cut the excess fat and peel off the skin using very sharp knives before you start cooking meat.

2. Supplement the diet with fish

Some fish like tuna have some steak like appearance which makes people to enjoy the taste. Many fish offer a healthy addition to the meat dish. Some fish, like herring, trout and salmon will have heavy fatty tissue in them. It offers a good diet to the eater as it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

3. The fat can be melted off

The fish and meat cuts as well as the roasts can be kept on a rack on the pan while cooking. This will make the excess fat in the meat to drain or melt away while cooking process is going on.

4. Selecting healthy cooking procedures

Deep frying of meat should be avoided. Instead, the meat can be cooked by following poaching, grilling and roasting processes.

5. Selecting healthy food items which are devoid of fat

For preparing the stuff inside the bread along with meat, healthy items, like sesame seeds or cut herbs can be chosen. The seeds can also be used to provide a combination to the meat instead of bread. Flax seeds and walnuts provide essential fatty acids while almonds, hazel nuts and sunflower seeds provide vitamin E and protein. Hence, nuts and seeds can be used as a ground substance other than bread.

Some of the cooking procedures that recommend cutting the fat before starting to cook are mentioned as under.

1. Roasting

As all proteins can be roasted and even baked using the oven, this cooking procedure can be used even in the case of chicken, fish, beef and pork. The dieticians are recommending to take a piece of meat even if there a little amount of fat accompanied with the meat as the whole content kept inside the oven will get dried. If the meat is applied with any sauce, it is better to keep the pan closed for keeping it moist. The meat with no skin or low fat can be cooked inside a broth to preserve moisture. The chicken parts that have skin on them can be cooked without covering the food.

2. Grilling

Heat the meat for making it crispy. It is also better to cook it in microwave first before it is grilled. Meats with lean mass can be grilled properly.

3. Poaching

You can boil it in the liquid form at more than 150 degrees C. Several flavoring agents like spices, vegetables, onion, celery and vegetables can also be used.

Stewing and stir frying are the other healthy methods of cooking meat and fish.

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