Helpful tips to help you move from junk food to good food

Making a change in eating habits is probably the toughest task. Most of the people who crave for junk food, it is quite difficult to quit this habit and eat something healthy. Replacing junk food with real food is tough, but not impossible.

avoid junk food

With little efforts and a firm decision, shifting eating habits becomes quite easy. For people who want to get out of the unhealthy zone and adapt some healthy eating habits, here Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some tips for all the real food newbie out there.

Start slowly by taking baby steps

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Making a complete change in your eating habits all of a sudden is a tough task. You need to break the existing routine and follow something new. With a firm decision, you can do it right. Just take little steps at first and do everything slowly and steadily. You cannot switch to real food overnight. Take just one little thing to start with, change it, and slowly move ahead with changing another thing. Learn and know about one thing at a time.

Shop for fresh fruits and veggies and avoid junk food

Shop for fresh fruits and veggies

When making real food part of your life, loving fruits and veggies is important. Fresh fruits and veggies are healthy. When shopping for them, do not choose canned or frozen food, they are not so healthy when compared to fresh food and vegetables. Pick fresh ones that are richer in flavor. Moreover, real food picked for the farm directly is the healthiest food you can ever get. You can directly go to farmers for buying fresh fruits and veggies. Apart from this, completely cut down the junk food from the diet.

Pay attention to changes in body and do not stress

diet and stress

When shifting from one food to another, your body will undergo many changes. Pay close attention to what you eat and how it is affecting you. Keep a regular check in weight and improvements in the body after shifting to real food. In addition, at start if you do not see much positive changes, do not stress yourself. Stressing is as harmful as poor diet and can have negative effects on the body and mind. Avoid stressing and just jot down the changes in the body after switching to real food.

Stay positive and do not get disheartened

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When shifting to real food, you might not see changes very quickly. At such time, you just need to keep going without being disheartened. You will surely get the results but not so quickly. Stay positive about this shift to real food. Staying positive can actually help and keep you going on and on.


Do not afraid of trying something new in life. You may not get the quick results as your body takes some time for getting habitual to new things. With a firm decision and confidence, you can surely shift from junk food to the real food making your mind and body healthy.

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