Quick and healthy dinners for the weeknights

Encouraging healthy eating habits can make person healthy, not just from outside but also from inside. Eating healthy food regularly can make healthy you. Healthy food reduces the chances of many diseases providing essential vitamins and nutrients to the body.

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While making healthy food, sometimes it seems difficult to make easy and simple recipes. Especially when preparing dinner, it is hard to make healthy yet tasty dinner, as you are tired after working for the whole day. With following recipes, you can make healthy and fast weeknight dinner without thinking much about what to make.

Spaghetti with quick meat sauce

Spaghetti with quick meat sauce

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For making this simple recipe, you need to cook pasta first. Cook pasta until it is little soft. Heat oil in the pan and put onions, carrots, and garlic and cook it on medium heat. Now adding beef, salt, and pepper cook it for another four to five minutes. Now for making this recipe thicker, add tomatoes, stir it until it becomes thick gravy, and sprinkle some parsley in the end.

Chilli cornbread casserole

Chilli cornbread casserole

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When making this simple recipe for dinner, make sure to get all the supplies for making this recipe, which is hamburger, onions, tomatoes, chili beans, onion powder, chili powder, salt, pepper, cheese, and corn muffin. Mix hamburger with onions and drain. After draining it, add tomatoes with seasonings like salt and pepper.

Now put a greased pan on the flame. Put cheese in it and mix some corn bread with it. Mix it well; add some corn muffin, spread cheese and some chilli powder to fill the top completely. Now bake it for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Take it out after that and serve it hot.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup

Besides having all those health benefits, vegetables are a good option for dinner. For making vegetable soup, take a large soup pan and put some oil in it. Now add some carrots and onions and stir it well for few minutes until it is soft and tender. After it is soft, add some garlic paste and cook for another minute. Add squash, cayenne, and salt and stir it well.

Next, add some tomatoes, thyme, and broth and mix it well. Cook it covered. After it is soft and tender, add some chickpeas and kale and cook it covered. Let it cook until the soup is thick and serve hot.

Beef and almond stir-fry

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Start by placing the beef in the bowl. In other bowl, mix water, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and oyster sauce and stir it well. After mixing this mixture well, pour it over beef and toss it properly to evenly coat all the pieces. After mixing it properly, let it rest for some ten minutes for marinating.

Take a large skillet and heat canola oil in it over high heat and put celery and onion and stir it well until it is soft and end it by adding beef along with all the marinade and cook it for another few minutes. Serve it hot with rice topping it with some roasted almonds.

When you are in trouble deciding what to cook in dinner, which is healthy yet tasty, then following some good recipes can make it easy for you to decide.

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