How to make your own grain alcohol at home

Grain alcohol

Name of the dish: GrainLabel

It is a spirit with a touch of grain. In many parts of the world, it is familiar as pure grain alcohol. Basically, it is made of cereal grain, it is colorless and flammable liquid which has huge amount of ethanol content. As it is prepared after refining cereal grain, it has no color to it and has no other flavors added. It is pale in color similar to Vodka. Read on to prepare this at your home.

Complexity level: Moderate

Time taken: 13 to 15 days


1. 100 gallons of water

2. 6 oz. of yeast

3. 100 lbs. of sugar

4. 25 lbs. of shelled corn

5. Cooker

6. Bottles or Glass Jars


Let’s divide the whole complex process of making grain alcohol in effortless 4 steps. Please follow the instructions given below:

1. The very first step is to turn the corn into sugar. To make it you can use whole corn, however, if you want to use whole corn, you need to turn the whole corn into corn sprouts. Corn can be turned into sprouts by placing it into a cooker for a few days. Once the sprouts are ready, you need to mash it by grinding the meal and don’t forget to add boiling water in this process.

2. From the ingredients take a ½ lb. of yeast and add it for every 50 gallons of mash, along with it add variable amount of sugar into it. Leave it to ferment with yeast for about 3 days and 10 days without yeast. Keep observing the container, once the mash stops bubbling you can place it on the cooker for the next process.

3. Once the mash is placed on top of the cooker, take a barrel filled with cold water and place the worm (on the top of this cooker you can see an arm going off to one side which is known as ‘worm’) in it and seal it properly. Observe that water is running through the barrel and coming out towards the bottom of it. Vaporize the alcohol at 173° F by keeping a fire beneath the cooker. Then you can take this liquid in a glass jar.

4. When you collect the liquid in a glass jar, you can see the dark liquid for first few batches, throw it out. These oils and leftovers are highly toxic. Beware of it, this could make people blind from drinking grain alcohol. Here you are ready with your grain alcohol which comes out after a few dark liquid.


1. Making pure grain alcohol at home might be illegal, before starting the process please check with your local officials.

2. If it is processed in a wrong way, it can be toxic.

3. If percentage of alcohol level is high, it may be highly flammable.

4. Extra care should be taken while making grain alcohol.

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