Food Trends Guide

Coffee Beer: It is more than a Caffeine Kick

So what, if the coffee beer is not fermented enough, it will make you reel from top to bottom. Reason? Check out with the Nestle Company, they are innovative enough in causing this to you. The new coffee beer is roasted, till it gives out an aroma which..

Chicken shower: Pouring the beer on its breasts and legs

Okay guys, I am back with my beer series, and this time it is with chicken. You can try out a number of beer marinades with chicken. Well, if that is left tome I would simply pour beer, oregano, honey , salt and paprika on the chicken breasts, push it…

Perfecting Cheddar Ale soup

Thanks Mommy mall for sharing with us Cheddar Ale Soup. As you have given the freedom of adding the ale of one’s own choice, I would add an acidic ale as it complements the ingredients in the soup. But I feel that this soup is empty without basil and…

Gulping down the festive Indian foodies

Well, as we are heading from one festive month to the other, let us wrap up all that our festive foods had to offer us last month and on the Ramadan day. I would like to begin with what guys ate at New Jersey. They perhaps ate mithai(sweets), mithai and..

Universal brotherhood: The new salt and pepper shaker

The Mint Inc has developed a very unique Salt and Pepper container, based on a very unique theme. It has a unique design of depicting a black and white kiwi hugging each other. This design is based on the theme of universal brotherhood, where both black..

Wine Scepter: Wine chilling accessory

The new Wine Scepter reminds me of the rod of Moses that changed the quality of water so many times. This wine scepter is going to improve the quality of wine by keeping the wine chilled, after it has been poured and while it is being served on the…

Low carb fish fillets

Thanks Colleen for this low carb recipe. Next time, you try this recipe I would suggest you add a coriander and mint sauce instead of basil and parsley. Mint and coriander are medicinal herbs and this would boost the nutritional value of the dish.

Perfecting the roasted beef stew

Thanks Kalyn for this wonderful stew from leftover roasted beef.Kalyn you have taken care to fortify the flavors by sauteing onions and peppers one at a time. But you could have added carrots and broccoli for a complete beef pottage. And sauteing these..

Sweet and sour combo of chicken and beans

Thanks Kickpleat for this original recipe. But I would recommend you to add herbs and red wine while sauteing chicken. As you are adding jalapenos along with peppers, there is no harm in adding chives for a bit of pungency. And let me tell you that as…

White Chili: Adding to the body of the soup

Thanks Erin for a wonderful recipe and I thank our Lord Almighty for that wonderful testimony you have as a couple. Erin I would like to share a few tips to make your White Chili recipe taste great. At first place, a great stock makes a great soup….

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