Gulping down the festive Indian foodies

gfWell, as we are heading from one festive month to the other, let us wrap up all that our festive foods had to offer us last month and on the Ramadan day. I would like to begin with what guys ate at New Jersey. They perhaps ate mithai(sweets), mithai and only mithai.

Even though Julia’s article in The New York Times restricts itself to mithai, we will go a bit ahead to find out what the Indian from Boston gorges on Diwali at his Mumbai residence. Vikster in one of his postings presents an array of desserts made in Diwali. He goes beyond Mithai to gulp in Laddus, pedas and the favorite Indian dessert Kheer.

The most amazing discovery he made was pomfret curry and fried surmai in Diwali…so guys it’s not just Mithais.
And before you make discoveries about what the Muslims had after breaking the fast , let me quickly list it for you. A typical Eid platter begins with Sewaiyan(semolina) – a dessert, follows with Kesri-yet another dessert and ends with biryani – a meat and rice casserole.
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