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Bacon & Black Pepper taste: Two sides of a potato chip

You have heard about two sides of a coin, hadn’t heard of a two different side of a potato wafer, have you? The Japanese snack maker Tohato has manufactured a new type of potato chip called Jagasane: Bacon & Black Pepper, which gives you the bacon flavor.

Mr. Breakfast: Quite a heavy breakfast site

Mr. Breakfast site does not thrive on breakfast recipes alone; it has a number of features that you can add while laying your breakfast table.

No matter where you are this site is a perfect guide for a King’s breakfast. It has a whole database of …

What to cook for a kid’s party?

Easy Kid recipes is now going to bring great relief to moms who scratch their heads organizing menu for a kid’s party.
Well, it is very easy to make ordinary food make really extraordinary for the kids to gorge in with delight.
It is all about crafting…

Which wine for Saturday night?

You are right Dan nothing pairs likw white wine with seafood, especially when its not overdone with seasonings. The principle is to keep it simple with white wine and herbs tossed or grilled in the microwave.
Thanks Dan for giving this beautiful white…

New seafood for children

Thanks Kitsch’n’zinc for featuring this lovely seafood for the children. Nippon Suisan Kaisha, a Japanese seafood industry has launched a new variety of fish sausage for children. But the blogger is slightly apprehensive of the fact that by launching…

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

The second annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, will be celebrated on November 10 – 12 at the Embarcadero Park NORTH, in downtown San Diego, The Westgate Hotel, and Macy’s School of Cooking and related venues.
The San Diego Bay & Wine Festival…

Top foodies this week: Weekly round-up

Slashfood decodes the Original Vodka Martini mix of ‘007’.

The Local Wine Events announces the San Diego Bay & Wine Festival.

Chef Shane is back with yet another Shrimp recipe and this time it is a jumbo shrimp.

Kitsch’n’Zinc blogspot features…

Debate over the cupholder cuisine

Though there are lots of fights over the nutritional value in the cup-holder cuisine, but the fact remains that the driver behind the wheels has to balance between non-stop driving and in-between snacks.
This is not a replacement for meals but snack…

Ruskin Seafood and Art festival

The Ruskin Chamber of Commerce celebrates the Ruskin Seafood and Art festival every year. This year it will be celebrating the seafood and art festival from Nov,5th 2005 to Nov,6th 2005. This is not like just any other seafood festival, it has a greater..

Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

The most awaited moment for the seafood giants in Newport has arrived. It is the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival. Since 1978 Newport Seafood & Wine Festival has marked the arrival of winter for the food and wine lovers around the world to the central…

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