Food Trends Guide

Pfaltzgraff kitchenware: Royal dining at reasonable rates

The Winterberry Collection by Pfaltzgraff, is exclusively designed for those who adhere to dining and serving sophistication. The look of Pfaltzgraff is so royal and exotic that you can afford to flaunt it on any occasion. As the thanksgiving season…

Amul cheese over premium Bries and Camemberts of the West

With Amul exporting cheese to the Middle East, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, it has emerged as world’s biggest brand of vegetarian cheese. The current figures show that with 600tonne exports, 50…

2005 Beaujolais Wine and Food Festival

2005 Beaujolais Wine and Food Festival will be held on 16th, Nov 2005, from 6:00p.m to 9:00p.m. You can come to the festive spirit quite ahead of Christmas. However, to have fun, wine, food and casino in at your roll, you have to book your tickets…

4000 year old Noodles: Raising its hood from the sands of time

If you think that, some Chinese chef has kept the noodles out to dry, take a close look at it. They are 4000-year-old noodles dug out of the Lajia archaeological site in Northwestern China. Yes, it is a remarkable discovery. Archaeochemist Patrick…

Stuff your squid as you like

Neat dish indeed Stanca…the very thought of minced chicken wrapped in squid makes me hungry. I can’t be more honest, I just expressed my desire to have chicken momos, it’s because the stuffed squids and momos look alike.

However, it is the easiest…

Chocolate Fashion Show: Walking for charity.

The idea of carrying chocolate on your body will set the onlookers wagging their tongue out of their mouth. Yea it might be the picture in the Gala Chocolate Fashion Show in New York. The picture might be giving you the hint if you were not there in the..

The Hawkshead Relish Company: Great Taste Awards 2005

I longed to dip my finger into the chutneys, jams, pickles, mustard oil, flavored salts, and butter the moment I logged on to the The Hawkshead Relish Company website. For the very first reason it’s been relished by many foodies and the proof of it lies..

Burglary of crabs worth $ 89600

I hope the Hong Kong Police spokesperson sounds right when she calls the guy who pocketed hairy crabs a thief. Well what does an ordinary thief do with the most expensive variety of crab leaving the 600 cheaper crabs untouched?
Whoever might…

Egg Enchiladas: Complete breakfast in a mini bite

It’s going to be a yummy Mexican breakfast with corn tortillas stuffed with soft scrambled eggs and cheese. I do not want to do a culinary or health review, I just want to tell you what can complement stuffed tortillas. Well, nothing exactly it is the…

Banking on the $1000 omelet

The $1000 omelet is an allusion to the crazy 30,000 calories burger. This incredible omelet is a combo of lobster, eggs and the most expensive caviar. The Le Meridian hotel has to wait till a Parliamentary breakfast is ordered to lift the heavy 10 ounces.

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