Mr. Breakfast: Quite a heavy breakfast site

yuytuMr. Breakfast site does not thrive on breakfast recipes alone; it has a number of features that you can add while laying your breakfast table.

No matter where you are this site is a perfect guide for a King’s breakfast. It has a whole database of breakfast recipes, a whole range of breakfasts, breakfast for every occasion and even shortcuts to big breakfasts. The site facilitates online shopping of breakfasts, right from hot breakfast mugs to cool cereals. The site educates one about breakfasts through articles, features, tips and question/ answers on breakfast.

If you are wondering how it helps a hungry tourist?
Well it does.It directs you to the best restaurants in the town and it gives you the restaurant reviews and even rates them, thereby helping you to make wise decision as far as the first food of the day is concerned…a heavy breakfast site. Read More

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