Food tips and ideas that are excellent for brain function

Everyone hopes to age gracefully. To keep memory as mind ages can be handled very well with the right food. Right food means food that is rich in antioxidants. Fruits and veggies improve the memory. Doctors also recommend juicy fruits for sharp memory.

Here is a list of few food items that keeps your mind healthy and brain sharper for long time.



They are rich in antioxidants. Compound in blueberries called flavonoids help improve learning skills, improve memory, reasoning skills, and numerical ability. Not only blueberries but blackberries and strawberries also have good effect on brain and boosts memory power. Adding berries to your meal can have pleasant results for your brain.
Eat fish:

 eating fish

Eating seafood like fish improves memory. Fatty acids found in fish are good for brain and improve memory functions, some studies suggest the improvement can be as much as fifteen percent. The fatty acid called omega-3 is good for heart, body, and mind. Omega – 3 is found in flaxseed oil and fish oil. Eating broiled or baked fish weekly boosts mind energy. Fish, especially salmon and trout, have lots of nutrients.


They are good in vitamin E and many other minerals and vitamins. Vitamin E present in almonds preserves memory and makes it sharper with time. Take it early morning or as healthy snacks in evening. A healthy snack improves cognition. Almond has omega- 3 in it that improves ones memory.

 Blonde drinking beer

A drink can help boost your memory. Beer contains certain flavonoids that improve memory. Red wine and dark chocolates also sharpen memory. So one can also improve mind and sharpen memory by drinking merlot, beer or wine.

 coffee  BENEFITS

It contains caffeine that helps boosting mind power. That is why we drink coffee to wake up late at night. It has several antioxidants that improves memory and keeps mind healthy.

lady eating apple to boost sex drive

Apple is an excellent source of nutrients and proteins. It contains several antioxidants that protect brain cells by proper flow of mental juices in our mind. An apple a day can improve mind and sharpen brain. It is good for body and mind. It keeps skin healthy.


Every food item has one or the other nutrients and proteins that keep our body and mind fit. That is why we eat them. Right food can boost mind power, numerical ability, and reasoning ability and make s healthy and strong. So eat healthy and stay healthy with good food.

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