Discover the 5 food wonders of the Inca world

Inca food: some facts

Before we shift our attention on the wonders of the Inca world let us discuss something about the Inca food so that you get a better picture. The Incan empire happens to be well known for the fighting abilities, endurance plus their power and strength. This empire is known for another thing and that is their nutritional food items which provided them with the required strength. There are many nutritional food products to their account and we will bring forth five of them in the further discussion.


The 5 Inca food wonders

  • The first among the five food wonders is Kiwicha which is primarily a small seed which has more amino acids than other grains plus it is very rich in proteins. If you consume this grain then your body will function in a great manner as Kiwicha comprises of many important minerals such as copper, magnesium, iron and manganese. If Kiwicha becomes a part of your regular diet then you can say good bye to the cholesterol and say hello to a much stronger immune system.

  • Quinoa was considered as ‘mother of grains’ and the Incans took it as their staple food. This amazing seed is filled with nutrients like it is very rich in iron, calcium, vitamin C and protein plus you can also gain some Vitamin B from this one. Quinoa can be taken at breakfast, lunch and dinner and cooks within no time at all.

  • Sacha Inchi will be taking the third position in our list of food wonders and it is a wonder all right as it is packed with many nutrients. They are primarily seeds of a plant known as Inchi plant and have lots of iodine, Vitamin E and A plus 48 percent of Omega-3 and 36 percent of Omega-6. These seeds can be very useful to people suffering from problems like diabetes and heart issues.

  • Pichuberry is small fruit which consist almost 20 times more Vitamin C than orange and powerful antioxidants as well. It has numerous benefits like it helps controlling diabetes and improves immune system plus vitality.

  • Purple potatoes find the fifth spot on our list and they are indeed very nutritious food item. There are many kinds of purple potatoes that can be found on this planet and there are 3000 different kinds in Peru alone! The age related loss of memory can be controlled with the help of these delicious potatoes and they also strengthen the immune system.

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