Dinner Guide

How to make delicious vegetable curry at home?

My husband seems to be infatuated with the Asian cuisine, ever since he has returned from his week’s stint in India. He loved the food there, and to my surprise, he loved vegetable curry, which is considered quite spicy! Since he asked me to try it once

How to throw dinner party in style

Dinner parties just do not mean eating. If you are hosting a party, it is largely your responsibility to make it something special that guests would remember for a long time. You have to think out of the box so as to make your party look stylish and innov

Preparing healthy dinner for toddler was never so easy before

Toddlers are very mischievous and this is the time when they skip food and become notorious. They try to grasp as much things as possible in shorter time and put all their energy in hopping around and learning things. This is the initial phase where they

7 Silverware Sets to Enhance Your Dining Experience

It is well said that we live our life only once, so why not to live it to king-size. Those who believe in it for them compromise is never a word. They believe in buying the best in the market, be it a very small thing. And when it comes to dining owing th

Want some healthy dinner recipes?

I have a small get together at my place and all my friends are coming after a long time so I want to know some healthy dinner recipe that I can cook for everyone. I want to know one recipe as a starter then a main course recipe and a sweet dish that I can

Are there any easy dinner ideas?

My friends want me to prepare dinner for them coming weekend. Actually, I just got promoted as a manager recently, and they want a huge food celebration at home prior to the official promotion party elsewhere! Since they all are non-vegetarians, I want to

Can somebody please provide me few vegetarian recipes for dinner?

My wife is coming back home from her official trip this weekend, and I want to prepare something special for her for dinner. I ain’t a great cook, but I can cook decently well! Moreover, my wife is a staunch vegetarian, and it makes my task even more comp

Are there any healthy dinner ideas for kids?

I am not much of a cook, and this is why I go lack of ideas whenever I have to prepare anything for my kids in dinner. The recipes mentioned on the cookbooks are quite time consuming and difficult, which again doesn’t help me with any recipe for dinner. I

Can someone provide some recipes for Italian food?

My mom-in-law is coming to stay with us for a week, and I want to cook for her every day until she is here with us. I am a working woman who fortunately works near to her home, and I can cook something for her in the evening. She is an ardent lover of Ita

What would be an ideal weight watcher’s dinner?

I am 43 years old and I am suffering from obesity. I have tried a few things for myself but I have not been successful as yet. Now I have identified my problematic area and that is my heavy dinner. I want to change my dinner and make it a healthy one. I w

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