How to throw dinner party in style

Dinner parties just do not mean eating. If you are hosting a party, it is largely your responsibility to make it something special that guests would remember for a long time. You have to think out of the box so as to make your party look stylish and innovative. Every little detail from the menu to the décor has to be taken into account. If you want to make your party look different and not run-of-the-mill, the following few things should be considered.

1. Menu Cards

Usually menu cards are handed at the restaurants, but menu cards can be innovatively used for elegant dinner parties as well. You can create your own fancy version for the dinner party at your home.

This is a sure shot way to impress the guests. Elegant menu cards not only lend a personal style to the party but also allow you to satisfy your creative surges. Also, this would give guests a preview of what’s in store. You can create your own cute menu cards using different raw materials available at crafts store.

If you find it too cumbersome to write many menu cards on your own, you can always opt for technical intervention. Use Microsoft word to type in your menu and select fancy fonts, colors, etc and print out many copies. Please note, that menu card in this set up is just to make the guests familiar of what all treats and delights await them and not the kind where they can order stuff.

2. Pleasant surprises

Decorate the seating place in a pleasing manner, giving it your own personal touch. Try to do leave a small party gift by each plate. It could be anything like lottery tickets, hand painted champagne glasses, box of chocolates, ornaments etc.

This would certainly impress and delight your guests. Depending upon the theme of the party, you could come up with variety of things. Use dishwasher safe ceramic paint to create elegant designs on a plate or a glass and offer your guests to take it with them as a token of love and admiration.

3. Theme based dinner party

Upgrade the style quotient of your party by introducing a theme. Theme not only involves the dress code but also the interior and décor of the venue. For an elegant party, you may choose an ethnic theme such as Latin night. You would need to decorate the whole venue with strings of multicolored lights along with king-sized paper flowers and a piñata. Also cover the table with bright colored cotton tablecloth and place the colorful dishes aesthetically.

On the other hand, if you choose a haunted-house party theme for occasions such as Halloween, decorate the venue accordingly. Use the cobwebs and creepy music to set the mood. Use an old white cloth and splatter some red paint randomly to mimic blood- stains and use the same as a tablecloth.

Purchase exciting things like plastic eyeballs, skulls masks and candles, bats etc and use them all in some or the other way to enhance the theme décor. If you really want to push the envelope and impress your guests, you may even create a fake graveyard using fake tombstones in the front yard.

You can make your party an experience to cherish just by being a little creative. Set your spirit free and use your imagination to add your personal style to the party.

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