Dinner Guide

Which simple recipes for dinner are the best for me?

I am a 30yr old male. I am searching for the simple recipes for dinner that has the right balance of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride and phosphate. It should regulate the fluid balance and it should help to maintain the acid-alkaline balan

Which summer dinner recipes will help me in my condition?

Which summer dinner recipes will help me in my condition? I have been drinking 1-2 meal replacement drinks a day for almost a year, and I look forward to every one! Sometimes I trade off between vanilla and chocolate flavors. I also try mixing in some fru

Are the quick meals for dinner recipes healthy enough?

I was searching the net for some quick meals for dinner and I was wondering are all the recipes on net which are shown as quick meals are healthy or not? I want to know about the easy tomato and mozzarella salad. I want to know the count of calories in i

Dinner food to lose weight

The breakfast and the dinner are two of the most important meals of the day. Because most of us tend to overeat or skip these meals. The balance is the key when comes to the first meal of the day and the last one. You probably know by now that a breakfast

10 Must know dining etiquettes for modern diners

The dining etiquette of today’s multi-ethnic society has changed manifolds. Now the scope of the word ‘Dining Etiquette’ has grown more complex and become plural. But to make a positive impression on others we require to know all of them. You will feel mo

Simple steps to cook perfect long grain rice

Rice, the staple food, is cooked in almost every home around the globe. It can be cooked easily, but people normally complain that they are not able to cook fluffy, tender, and white rice. The rice becomes sticky or not perfectly cooked. They think it i

What are the tips for a perfect pizza cooking?

I am never able to prepare a perfect pizza, and this is why I want to know from a cooking expert about some tips for a perfect pizza cooking. I would also like to know about the variety of pizza and dough recipes, which I can try making at home. I would r

Is there any cookbook for traditional Soul food?

My husband is a huge foodie, and I must say his taste for different cuisines, has turned me into a good cook! This time he wants to me to prepare Soul food with beef, as he loves it. I have not tried making Soul food as such, but he said that the traditio

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