Comfort foods to give up this holiday season

Thanksgiving is the best day to start off anything great and to give up things not so good in everyday living. Time to thank for harvest, and for a great time with friends. When everyday living is filled with good food regardless of the content and ingredient, there are quite a few food stuffs that are not healthy but loved for their taste. This thanksgiving give up few of it for your own well-being and it can be the best time ever in the year to ditch some unhealthy food.

Fried chicken

fried chicken

Though chicken is a loved delicacy, it is better taken boiled or baked than taken fried. It is high in calories count and is known to cause many ill effects to the heart. So this thanksgiving give up on fried chicken and munch on healthy food.

Soda and frizzy drinks

fizzy drinks

The most consumed liquid along with pizzas and burgers for easy intake does the worst thing to one’s body. It is high in sugar and intake of this soda, rushes the count of high sugar directly to blood stream. So replace the Soda with fruit juices for the internal organs to thank yourself this thanksgiving. Better late than never, throw the can of Soda right away!

Processed foods

Processed foods

Processed foods are great for a quick food intake, but when counted upon for being healthy, they don’t make close to the list. It is not healthy in the least and doesn’t own any nutritious values. Though the fast days force to include them in everyday diet yet for a healthy living, the right time to give up these processed foods is thanksgiving. Promise on this auspicious day that no more processed food would be given a place in the kitchen bay!


Woman eating chocolate

The one always swirled around for a great treat within a group of folks. They are high in sugar content and very high in calories and do not do any good for the person munching them. Sweets, chocolates and donuts are best when ditched. For thanks giving start with an excuse for not picking a sweet from the box of a colleague nearby.

Peanut butter and Nutella

Peanut butter

The only option for bachelors for a quick breakfast is peanut butter and nutella filled crepe, bread or just any plain cooked batter. Give it up for better living!


Yes, festivities are a time to eat and enjoy your time to the max. Enjoy, but do not forget to be careful and mindful of your health.

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