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How to make cornbread stuffing from scratch

Now pondering over the word stuffing, it’s originated in the middle ages. It was derived from a Latin word farce.The term stuffing first appears in English print in 1538. In modern days the word stuffing and dressing are used as synonyms. Here goes the re

How can one subscribe to Everyday food on iPad?

I am a health conscious person, who believes in holistic diet for a healthy body. Lately I have heard about Everyday food from a colleague, who found it quite useful! I could not get to know many things about Everyday food; except for that, it is a cookin

Could you give me some recipe ideas for kids dessert recipes?

I am mother of two kids who are huge dessert lovers. Their vacations are commencing next week, and I am all set to learn some recipes for them, as I know they are such a sweet tooth! I know about some cookies and few fruit pies as well. However, I am main

Five Italian Bread Designs for Your Bread Recipe

Even though Italy is famous for pizza and pastas, baking different types of breads has remained one of the passions of Italians. In fact, breads are included in all Italian meals. So spending time to explore different types of Italian breads and their des

How to cook vegetarian omelette

Omelet is a strict non-vegetarian affair. For vegetarians, it’s a strict no-no, but who would want to miss out this delicious food? No points for guessing. A simple and easy solution is at your step. Vegetarians who feel sorry for not being able to devour

Could someone help me with few simple cooking recipes for pies?

My 9 years old daughter wants to prepare fruit pies for her friends, whom she has invited for all girls party on the coming weekend. I know it is a great fun to see your little birdie cooking something on her own! However, I want to know few simple cookin

Recipe: French Toast Sticks

French Toast is a breakfast that is usually made with bread, milk and eggs. It has its patronage in various parts of the world. It is a popular desert made during Christmas time in Brazil and Portugal. It is also known as Poor Knights or Eggy bread. To ma

Can anyone give me some healthy breakfast idea?

I have just learned cooking and I want to make a good breakfast for my father. But I don’t have any idea on what kind of breakfast should I make which is healthy and delicious also. So I was wondering if anyone can give me some healthy breakfast idea. A

Are there any ideas for healthy breakfast recipes?

My husband frets about toast everyday in breakfast! In fact, even I realize it, but I am really short on time in morning and I am left with no option to prepare in breakfast other than toast. I would want to know about some healthy breakfast recipes, whic

Few healthy breakfast foods?

My partner is facing a serious health problem of high blood pressure and the doctor has advised to keep a low cholesterol diet for him. I am a health conscious person myself, and I cook for my family keeping in mind the nutritional values of the recipes.

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