Airline meal images available online helping the aviation industry

Clicking pictures of the food which you eating or about to eat and putting them online at social media sites have now become a trend. These are the food fanatics who love everything about food. Food critics from all across the world are stating this is a normal behavior and have given the statements that, if a person can upload pictures along with their friends and family members, and then there is nothing wrong in uploading pictures of scrumptious cuisines. In addition, the critics also stated that, you are helping others by providing information about foods, which you must eat, and those you should avoid.

Food lovers have taken their new aspiration of clicking pictures of food to a new level. People are now clicking pictures of food, which is being served to them on airlines, and putting them on social networking sites. Aviation industry experts are stating that, they have never seen something like this. In addition, they also stated that, in-fact it is a good gesture, which is being done by the passengers as they are actually promoting their airlines. Airline companies are stating that, whenever they are opening up some web pages, they are able to see the food that is being served in the airlines. Along with this, a particular website named air has also been launched in which passengers can upload pictures of food, which is being served to them.

While looking into this web portal, you would notice that, the sections are divided according to the class of seats available in an airplane. The pictures posted in this web link are similar to the food, which is being served. Experts are stating that, this effort from some of the food lovers is a healthy and good initiative as others are able to know about the quality and type of food, which is being served in the airplanes. The developer of the website air meals net stated that, after seeing several other pictures of meals, which is being served in the airplanes, he got the idea of creating a website in which others can also post pictures of meals that is being served in the airplanes depending on the category of seat.

This website has even helped the aviation industry as they are able to tell their passengers about the quality of food which they are serving in their airplanes. In addition, this website has become one of the finest tools of promoting airline meals.







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