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Question – Are there any exciting recipes for thanksgiving foods

As always, I am thinking of the meals I would prepare for the Thanksgiving Day, as my cousins would come to my place for dinner. I am quite bored of preparing the same recipe of pumpkin pie every year; this is why I want to know about some exciting and tasteful recipe for thanksgiving foods this year. Can anyone please help me with a list of not-so-usual  recipes  or as they would say – some new flavors to your Thanksgiving dishes.  I would really appreciate an early response! Thanks.

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For those who are throwing a Thanksgiving party or who just want to make something different, here are a few dishes you can consider. They are easy to make, tasty and will make everybody’s mouth water. Let us check out some interesting sweet and spicy recipes and new flavors to your Thanksgiving dishes.

Mouthwatering new flavors to your Thanksgiving dishes

Sweet and Spicy fruit salad

Spicy fruit salad

A dish that is loved by all, you can make so many variations with a fruit salad. For the basics, instead of a simple sweet fruit salad, you can add a little twist with red chili powder, a touch of black and white pepper powder and some salt. You can serve it just the way it is or blend it with some other options like a piece of cake, ice cream or even some cream.

Hassel back Potato Gratin

This is crisp ridged; golden brown dish will have all your kids wanting for more.  For potato lovers, this dish will be heaven; all you need to do is stack a few slices of potatoes on its sides on top of a nice crispy crust. Add some cheese to it with the gratins and you have yourself a mouth-watering dish.

Red Wine Braised Turkey Legs

Red Wine Braised Turkey Legs new flavors to your Thanksgiving dishes

Why waste time making a separate thanksgiving gravy sauce when you can blend it with your dish itself. You can make a nice dish with turkey legs and red wine. Do not forget to marinate the turkey before you cook it. The aromatic flavor of the red wine with the blend of spices will have your mouth watering just by the aroma of the dish.

Curried Coconut – Pumpkin soup

For those who are planning to keep pumpkin soup on your menu, give it an exotic twist with this blend. For the creamy taste, you can add some coconut milk and a touch of sriracha for the spicy taste.  This is also a good choice for those who are a little conscious about their diet.

Add some new flavors to your Thanksgiving dishes with Stuffed Waffles

Stuffed Waffles new flavors to your Thanksgiving dishesWhether you want to opt for the spicy stuffy or a sweet one, waffles on its own are tasty. You can add a variety of stuffings such as chocolate chips, blueberry, mixed fruits, cheese or even a blend of strawberry, chocolate and some cheese for a little twist.

Gingersnap-Pear Cheesecake

Let your taste buds dwell into a spicy and sweet dessert with the Gingersnap-Pear Cheesecake. It is tasty, different and will defiantly have some guests looking zealously at you. Do not be surprised at the number of compliments you will get from your friends and family.

Mouth watering sweet potato spicy doughnuts to embellish your thanksgiving table

sweet potato spicy doughnutsSweet potato spice cake doughnut is a mouth watering food item that can embellish your thanksgiving table. You can make your table more attractive and beautiful with this dish. In South America, sweet potatoes and pumpkins are always made into doughnuts. Here, the doughnut recipe has a North American taste, as North American style of cooking is adapted for its making. However, this is an easy recipe which does not need yeast to raise the dough. Only you need to prepare is a spicy cake mix and mashed potatoes along with buttermilk.

Roasted turkey with smoked paprika adding flavor

The holiday season has finally arrived and what better than decorating the table with the yummy Roasted Turkey with Smoked Paprika. Paprika which is nothing but dry bell peppers or chilli peppers is a very famous spice; and, is also a great seasoning option as it gives the cuisine a great flavor and color. Smoked paprika is from La Vera in Extremadura, Western Spain. Christopher Columbus introduced Spain to capsicums in 1493 from which paprika was obtained. Peppers are slow-smoked in an oak oven for almost 15 days. This adds an intensity of flavor and makes sure that vibrant color is retained.

There are two varieties of smoked paprika: hot paprika and sweet paprika, but either way the result is a spice that adds a lot of flavor to the dishes. The roasted turkey will instantly get a nice sweet and smoky flavor as well as a striking deep red color when Smoked Paprika is added to it. Roasted Turkey with Smoked Paprika is oh-so-amazing and will definitely create happy memories especially while spreading a table for Thanksgiving. It will prove to be the most succulent turkey as the herb will lend a savory flavor to the outside, while keeping the meat juicy inside.

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