8 nutritious fruits you didn’t know about

Healthy and delicious fruits

Eating fruits is a healthy way of obtaining your daily share of nutrients. But apart from the very common apples, bananas and oranges, there are a plethora of other nutrient rich fruits that at least some of you might not be aware of. Apart from being a nutritious choice, these fruits are also found to serve as a delight to your taste buds. Do read on to know more about these not so commonly used fruits and the many lip smacking ways to enjoy them.

1. Passion Fruit

The passion fruit, scientifically known as Passiflora edulis, is an oval shaped fruit which is native to the Brazil and Paraguay regions. This fruit, which is available in bright yellow and purple colors, is found to be a very rich source of Vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibers. To avail the goodness of this fruit, you can slice it into half and scoop out the edible pulp. The pulp can be taken as such, or else you can serve it over low fat yogurt and salads. You can also strain the pulp and use it in juices, desserts and cocktails. Since the fruit contains only around 16 calories, it is also a recommended option for the diet conscious.

2. Acai Berry

Obtained from the Acai palm, the acai berries are small and round fruits which have inedible seeds. This fruit which has a purple color and tastes like wild berries, is often referred to as a super food, owing to the presence of healthy anthocyanins and essential fatty acids in them. You can dry this fruit and mix it with granola, or else you can enjoy it in the form of a juice when added to health drinks and smoothies.

3. Papaya

Native to Central America, the papaya is a pear shaped fruit with soft flesh and edible seeds. The fruit which usually grows up to a length of 7 inches is considered to be a rich source of folate, potassium and Vitamin C. When ripe, papaya can be eaten raw by peeling off the skin and removing the seeds or else they can be consumed in the baked form with a squeeze of lime. The unripe fruit can be cooked and be used in curries and salads.

4. Guava

The guava is a round or oval shaped fruit obtained from a tropical plant that goes by the same name. Growing up to 2 to 4 inches in length, this fruit is found to be filled with fibers, Vitamin A, phosphorus and potassium. The fruit which has an edible fleshy rind comes in both the seedless and seed filled varieties. You can have this tasty fruit either raw, or in the form of juices, salads, jams and desserts.

5. Star Fruit

Native to South East Asia, the star fruit is a golden yellow fruit with a waxy texture and has a taste similar to the plum and citrus fruits. This tasty fruit can be eaten as such without peeling or de-seeding. The star fruit can also be used in salads and also for garnishing various dishes. The only disadvantage of this fruit is that, since it is high in oxalic acid content, it’s not advisable to be had by people with kidney problems.

6. Pomegranate

The pomegranate is a tasty red fruit, which has the size of an apple and is filled with seeds held in a spongy membrane. Rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants, the seeds of the ripe pomegranate can be consumed in the raw form. The seeds can also be used with salads and can be put as toppings for low fat yogurt and various desserts. Another tasty option of consuming the fruit is to squeeze the seeds and strain out its juice.

7. Kiwi Fruit

The kiwi fruit is a brown color egg shaped fruit with a sweet flesh and tiny, black edible seeds. A great source of Vitamin C, potassium and fiber, one kiwi fruit is supposed to contain around 70 calories. You can consume the flesh and seeds of the fruit in the raw form by simply de-skinning it. You can also juice the fruit and or else can have it as salads or low fat yogurt dressings.

8. Mangoes

Mangoes, which is an egg shaped fruit is native to South East Asia and is commonly consumed in the raw form or in the form of juice. But there are also many other ways to consume this tasty fruit which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, potassium and fiber. You can mix mangoes with frozen yogurt and salads and can also puree it and have it with grilled chicken, fish and pork.

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