10 time saving cooking tips

Time saving cooking

Cooking is one of the most irresistible passions among many people. The style of cooking differs from person to person, place to place. And as the style of cooking differs, there also comes a difference in the ingredients and recipes. Though there are more than thousands of recipes in the world either vegetarian or non vegetarian, the primary tips and tricks of cooking food remains the same all over. Cooking the same recipe by two different people can take different time as it depends on the way he or she cooks.

Cooking is an avocation whereas saving time while cooking is a convinced art. There are many time saving cooking tips but listed below are the best 10 tips to cut down on the time in the kitchen:

1. Using a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker saves adequate amount of time while cooking. Vegetables and meat which takes a longer period to get cooked, cooks easily in a pressure cooker without losing the actual taste of the recipe. It is convenient and less tiring to cook in a pressure cooker where any recipe gets easily ready within 30 minutes.

2. Use of time saving ingredients

Ingredients like canned vegetables like seasoned and diced tomatoes, special spice packets, ginger garlic paste, canned beans, etc saves a lot of time while cooking. It cuts down the time in the preparation of cooking and could be added to any dish as an addition.

3. Use of pre-cooked meats

Pre cooked meats like sausages, bacon, chicken, shrimp, beef, etc are easily available in the market. This type of meat saves time in the process of cooking as it is already half cooked.

4. Soupy affair

If you have less time to cook a meal, you can always cook some soup either canned or fresh and add various seasonal vegetables and meat in it. It is very healthy and saves time.

5. Frozen foods

Veggies and fruits which are frozen do not lose their nutritional value and could save both time and money. Frozen foods like chopped spinach, chopped onions etc could be used as an addition to almost any dish.

6. Buying stock

Preparing of stock is a lengthy recipe so it becomes easy if you buy the broth from the market and use it in different dishes. Broth is considered to be healthy with low fats and calories.

7. Canned beans

Beans take longer time in the preparation of cooking as they have to be soaked for hours before cooking. It is best to buy canned beans for cooking which would eventually decrease the period of time in cooking.

8. Go for packaged and chopped vegetables

Cutting of vegetables to prepare a meal takes the maximum time in preparing a dish. In order to cut save time, you should get chopped veggies from the market which can be stored for later use or used immediately.

9. Use a slower cooker

The name slower cooker may not sound convenient for fast cooking but you could cook food while you are sleeping for the next day. A slower cooker cooks a meal in 6 to 8 hours and does not need continuous supervision. This ways you save time in the morning while the food keeps cooking by its own.

10. Cook double the amount

While cooking a recipe for a meal, you may sometime add on more quantity to the dish in order to save for the next. This makes you cook less and hence time is saved.

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