6 health benefits of apple


The forbidden fruit has after all not remained all that forbidden. A crunchy favourite among a huge population of the world, apples have done what nobody could have done – they have made doctors all over the world happy and contented (or a bit worried), that’s why the saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This red juicy fruit has done wonders. Its juice has its part o benefits, but munching on a tasty, sweet and juicy fruit is much more beneficial. The six most important benefits that the striped red skin holds within itself are discussed below.

1. Consistent source of polyphenols

Perhaps the most important of all, apples contain a considerable amount of polyphenols. Polyphenols are the molecules which enter inside our cells and prevent them from the oxidizing effects of the other junks that we satiate ourselves with almost every day. Thus, polyphenols act as anti-oxidants, an important component that prevent, if not eradicates the chances of occurrence of cancer. So next time you need a good point to prove that an apple is truly worth calling the queen of fruits, you can remember this point. After all, this queen protects us from the daunting effects of cancer.

2. Rich in fiber

For all those who have been prescribes a consistent diet practice might be very familiar with this fact – an apples is a very good source of fibers. Fibers help keep our bowel movements in their right places, and thus help us in keeping our intestines clean and in a healthy state. A medium sized apple boasts of around a whopping fourteen grams of fibers. The skin of an apple is a wonderful source of other minerals and a lot of fiber content, much higher that what is found in the flesh of an apple.That means, along with a regular intake of salads, you would be wise enough to munch on an apple every day. This will keep your stomach in a sound state as well as give you the longed relief from the plain taste of raw vegetables.

3. Wonderful source of calories

Apples, being juicy are a competent source of calories. It is a huge source of energy. Infact, it is a common belief that if you consume an apple in the morning in place of your regular morning coffee, you would feel a lot healthier throughout the day. It gives you instant calories to burn and thus acts as a gush of energy filling for your body. So from now on, whenever you hear your stomach crying out for some filling, don’t forget to peep into your fruit basket for a fresh tasty apple, waiting to be gobbled up.

4. Potent source of Vitamin C

Another benefit is that apples are a good source of vitamin C, of course to a less extent when compared with the citrus family, but yet, a considerable one. So in case you doctor asks you to increase your vitamin C intake, and you are not much of a fan of sour fruits, tou can as well crunch up a good big apple every day.

5. It completes the must-have quota of fruits in your diet

An apple constitutes a cup of fruit out of the two cups which an adult is supposed to consume necessarily every day. So, complemented with the intake of some other crunchy salad, an apple can complete your hunt for a complete portion of fruit intake for a day’s diet.

6. Full of iron

The last benefit, which I think would not need much of an explanation is the fact that an apple if a very good source of iron. We all know the importance of iron in our body. It is an important macronutrient that is required to keep our blood beaming with haemoglobin, the life career in our blood stream. In fact, the iron content in an apple can be clearly seen when an apple is cut and kept for sometime in the air. The iron content in it oxidises and the flesh of the apple turns reddish brown.

So all those who love an apple, this article is an encouragement to their healthy efforts to live a healthy and disease free life. For all those who do not like the idea of having an apple every day, this article is a reminder of what all they are missing with this wonderful fruit. Good that apple is no more forbidden for mankind, or we would have been totally kept strangers to its awesomeness.

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