5 Most preferred sandwiches by vegans in America

Vegan sandwich

Sandwich preparation is an art form as there are a variety of ingredients and toppings to choose from that satisfies vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and vegans alike. PETA has recently announced the top five vegan sandwiches in America, which are all loaded with flavors and despite their vegan origins, they taste as yummy as those with dairy ingredients do. Here are the five vegan sandwiches that have tickled the taste buds of vegans across America.

1. The Revenge sandwich by Strange Matter

Revenge sandwich

Located in Richmond, Virginia, the Revenge Sandwich made at Strange Matter has been given the first position amongst the top five vegan sandwiches in America. This delicious sandwich is filled with tempeh bacon, vegan ham, all layered between two vegan cheese grilled sandwiches.

2. Marie Catrib’s sweet potato and quinoa burger

Marie Catrib's Vegan Sandwich

The sweet potato and quinoa burger at Marie Catrib’s located at Grand Rapids has won the second position in the Best Vegan Sandwich challenge launched by PETA. At Marie Catrib’s, you can choose amongst 11 varieties of homemade breads. This delectable vegan sandwich is filled with onions, quinoa, almonds, and cilantro along with ginger-tomato sauce and vegan mayo. The sweet potato and quinoa burger sandwich is full of fresh flavors and thrill your taste buds.

3. The Kindergarten sandwich from Melt Bar & Grilled

Kindergarten Sandwich

Melt Bar & Grillled’s Kindergarten sandwich can be had at various outlets in Lakewood as well as in Cleveland Heights. You can have this scrumptious sandwich with a vegan American cheese of mozzarella filling that is sandwiched between two toasted crispy baked toasts. You also have the option of adding more vegan fillings ranging from fried tofu to grilled vegetables.

4. Tempeh Tantrum at the Remedy Diner

Tempeh Tantrum

The Tempeh Tantrum sandwich can be had at The Remedy Diner, which is an amazing vegan sandwich that is filled with avocado, vegan bacon, marinated tempeh, lettuce, and pesto. The sourdough bread adds more flavor to the fillings to make it a mouthwatering dish.

5. Garnet yam and avocado panini from Sugar Plum Vegan

Yam and Avocado Panini

The garnet yam and avocado panini from Sugar Plum – located in Sacramento, California – is a delectable vegan sandwich that is stuffed with roasted onions, tomatoes and vegan poppy seed aioli atop ciabatta bread. The Sugar Plum is entirely a vegan cage that uses local and organic ingredients. They also have a bakery from where you can buy soy and gluten free items. The cheese in this panini, which is derived from tapioca, tastes almost like its dairy counterpart. The entire sandwich bursts with flavor!.

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