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For those who love to discover, exploration knows no limits. The same applies for food. What is a hardly acceptable edible for one region of the earth might be a highly accepted palate for some other. But if you are the one who believes in trying and experimenting with your taste-buds, which most of the world population does not believe in doing, you just need to try some of these dishes. Not only could they be a source of fun and experience, such trials can even change your outlook towards food. Maybe, from the next time, you would love a bit less of exploration as far as your tongue and stomach are considered. We discuss some of these mysterious delicacies in this article.

1. Snake wine, Vietnam

A cool favorite among the Vietnamese population, this drink is thought to possess medicinal properties. As the name suggests, it is made from the blood of snakes. To make it look more effective, the bottle holding the drink also houses a snake, and if not a snake, an equally poisonous creature like a scorpion. Frightening, is it not?

2. Pig’s blood cake, Taiwan

A Taiwanese delicacy, this plate of sweet cake is usually eaten like we eat a general ice-cream. Pig’s blood and rice are the core ingredients of this dish.

3. Durian, Malaysia

Its smell can actually make you run away from it for the rest of your life if you haven’t tasted it earlier. Many hotels in Malaysia have banned this fruit which is doughy in nature. However, the locals just love it.

4. Donkey, Italy

Ever heard of someone eating donkey meat? Well, if you haven’t, you can easily get this in country bars in Italy.

5. Lutefisk, Norway

It’s a type of fish which is not rather tasty. The Lutefisk is marinated in Iye and takes days for the preparation. Still it is a relished ecstasy in Norway.

6. Ostrich, South Africa

In case you are an egg lover, it’s worth trying the omelette prepared from this bird’s eggs. Not only this, you can also get a taste of burgers and meat in South Africa and in many other parts of the world where people are increasingly becoming health conscious. The best part is that the ostrich meat is low in cholesterol.

7. Pigeon, France

You won’t get this dish in many parts of the world but in France it’s a much loved delicacy. Its flavor has huge acceptance in France.

8. Grasshopper, Uganda

In case you love these chirpy little insects, you can get to eat them in rainy season in Uganda. Locals also love them raw. One can get the choice of crunching these hoppers with or without legs.

9. Live Octopus, South Korea

Koreans love to eat octopus that keep moving on their plates. But it can be dangerous if not eaten quickly as its tentacles might choke your throat.

10. Grubs, Australia

A staple diet of Aborigines, this dish consists of the larvae of moth and said to be rich in proteins. Tasty or not? Well, you could decide that!

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