4 Dining options in Big Island, Hawaii

Dining options at Big Island, Hawaii

Tranquility and breathtaking natural beauty are synonymous to the Hawaiian Islands. All six major islands have something astonishing to offer. Big Island is known for its natural splendor and the crops that grow nowhere else in America – coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. The food here has the local flavor. So if you love to eat locally when you are traveling, Big Island is the place for you to soothe your taste buds. Here are some of the best dining options that the Big Island has to offer.

1. Pahu ‘ia

If watching a sunset with a glass of champagne is one of your dreams, rush to Pahu ‘ia in Kona coast in Hawaii. Kona Coast has the most stunning sunset that you can watch from the terrace of Pahu ‘ia. Here you can have red and white fish carpaccios in various types of sauces, roasted baby beets with lots of Big Island goat cheese, or simply grilled mushrooms or the Cappuccino mushroom which has sweet and sour sauce. The cuisine by the master chef Graham Quayle and his Hawaiian staff is nothing less than outstanding. One of the best dining options in Hawaii.

2. Hawaiian Style Café

If you are keen to have amazing Hawaiian home-style cooked food in a light ambiance, head towards Hawaiian Style Café in Big Island. The signature dish is Hawaiian favorite loca moco. You can also have a bed of rice in brown gravy with hamburger patty and fried egg on the top of it. If you wish to have burger here, you will also run into the interesting concept of earning a free order of pancake. What’s the catch? Well, the small portion of hamburger is the entire pound of a Big Island beef that is forage-fed ground beef. The large portion has two pounds of the ground beef. If you finish the hamburger, you are eligible for the free pancake. Make sure you come early as the restaurant closes at 1.45 PM; however, it can also close early if the food is over.

3. Merriman’s

Merriman’s restaurant goes back to 1988 and is run by master chef Peter Merriman with his agricultural partners who grow crops especially for the restaurant. The restaurant goes out of its way to serve you the best quality food with best quality ingredients. The beef and lamb are grass fed from the nearby mountain and the fish is from the Kawaihae harbour. It’s the place where you will have the freshest of vegetables like spinach from Honopua farm and the deep red tomatoes and corn from Nakano farms. Merriman’s is the one of the best dining options if you are in Big Island in Hawaii.

4. Canoe House

Canoe house is one of the most talked about restaurants in the Big Island and is known for producing master chefs that include Alan Wong and Jon Matsubara, who went on to make their mark in Honolulu. If you are looking for a deft of East-West touch, Canoe House is the destination.

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