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15 Best restaurants in Paris

A lit-up Restaurant in Paris

Paris is unanimously famous for its Eiffel tower, but little do people know that the heart of France and French cuisine is Paris. It is the reclaimed hub of European cuisine as well as International cuisine. Paris woos international tourists with not just feasting sights but also with the soft and warm aroma of delicious food.

Paris is well reputed in the world for numerous cafes and restaurants located there. A lot of palaces have been turned into hotels to greet tourists warmly and luxuriously. A look at the 15 best restaurants in Paris will help you out.

1. Pizza chic

A pizzeria that will stun tourists. A wide range of pizzas nourished with fresh vegetables, legumes, and cheese are served on your plate. It has been designed in accordance with traditional Paris architectural background. It’s located at a stone’s throw from the Saint Sulpice.

2. L’Angle Du Fauborg

An a` la carte menu awaits you at one of the best restaurants of Paris that is famous for its gastronomic cuisine. A motley of fine quality of wines is this restaurant’s specialty. Raise a toast to the good food and good health. Located at 195, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

3. La Plage

The ambience of this restaurant is set with the beach by its side. Fun activities are on a roll. Fresh seafood and elegant cuisine are delightful. For all those in love, here’s a great opportunity to spend a romantic evening with your loved one. Watching sunset, and raising toast to your love over a glass of sparkling champagne, surely feels like being in heaven.

4. La Maree Passy

Time for some authentic seafood. The La Maree Passy is a restaurant that will treat you to the world of fish, squids, prawns, in short some of the best seafood around. The service is notably good. The interiors are simply inviting. It’s located at the 16th district.

5. Le Grand V`efour

A restaurant that is known for its location. This restaurant has served its cuisine to the likes of Napoleon and Victor Hugo. You must have known by now that visiting Paris and not visiting Le Grand V`efour is a definite missout. It is located at 17, rue de Beaujolais.

6. Le Timgad

As soon as you enter this restaurant, you’ll find yourself entrapped in a scene from the Arabian Nights. The Le Timgad’s Moroccan decor is evident of this. A pioneer of Moroccan cuisine in Paris and a jewel in the crown of Paris’s fine dining cuisine. It’s located at 21, rue Brunel – Paris 17ème.

7. La Gauloise

French cuisine at its all time best is served here. It is a traditional home cooked cuisine that simply blows your mind away. The wooden interiors remind you of early interior decor of Paris. It vouches to make you a regular at its place, of course, when you visit Paris.

8. Le Moulin Rouge

Located at 82, boulevard de Clichy РParis 18̬me, this restaurant is famous for fun and entertainment. Besides, fine dining, a live cabaret show performed by renowned dancers are a double bonanza. To add to it, wine and champagnes of the best quality are on serve.

9. Le Pe`re Claude

A steak lover’s delight, the restaurant is a unique one with the meat and poultry cooked over rotisserie, and grilled to a smoky effect. Food quality is pretty tempting to make you visit this restaurant again and again.

10. Emporio Armani Caffe`

Designed by the famous Giorgio Armani, the Emporio Armani Caffe` is a fiesta for food lovers. Located at 149, boulevard Saint-Germain, it’s a treat to famous celebs all over the world who visit Paris. A restaurant where elegance and style combine together. Delicious cuisines with fruity cocktails is a must try.

11. Romantica Caffe`

The sponsors of the best Italian cuisine in Paris is the Romantica Caffe` Villiers. A brand name in every household for its renowned Parmesan pasta, the exhaustive menu will amaze you. It is located at 119, avenue de Villiers РParis 17̬me.

12. Vagenende

Here’s your special chance to experience the joys of Brasserie cuisine courtesy the Vagenende. It has been listed in the list of world famous historical monuments. A century old restaurant, it serves one of the best and probably the healthiest French cuisine in Paris. Diet lovers, get my hint?

13. Agape Bis

A restaurant that has its name linked to various renowned chefs and master chefs throughout the world. It is a truly enriching experience to visit a place where you get the best of both the worlds. Be it international cuisine or Asian cuisine, the chefs are sure to leave you asking for more.

14. Le Diane

An award winning restaurant that serves customers with a smile and style. A gastronomer’s delight. Authentic French cuisine is set too woo you completely. It is located in the hustle bustle of Champ Elysees.

15. Khun Akorn

Traditional Thai cuisine and stunning Thai interiors is what you need to watchout for while visiting this restaurant. For once, you’ll be confused if you are visiting Europe or Thailand. The gold-coated wooden dining room with picturesque dragons and Buddha carved out is a thriller. It is located at 8, avenue de Taillebourg – Paris 11ème.

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