13 Resolutions You Can Tag On To Modify Food System In Coming Year

With the initiation of 2013, most of the people must be working on some plans for improving their diet plan and health. However, there is an urgent need to modify huge number of farmers, consumers and policy-makers looking for new and bigger resolutions to fix food systems. Moreover, this era is expected to have real changes for long-term impact on boardrooms, fields and plates across the globe. On these resolutions, world cannot afford to split with around one-billion people who are still hungry and almost greater than one-billion undergoing the pain of being obese. To overcome all these intricacies in 2013, people can bring these 13 resolutions into practice.

Grow The Cities

Production of food is not lined up with field and factories. In fact, one-billion people across the world produce food products in cities. Farmers are producing seeds of original vegetables for selling it to countryside farmers in Kibera that is Africa’s largest slum.

Demand of Eaters for Healthy Food

Michael Pollan, a food writer suggests not-to-eat anything that was not recognized by your grandparents. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables without preservatives.


Cook more

Top chefs Alice Waters, Bill Telepan and Jamie Oliver are working together with schools to make students learn healthy cooking habits to sustain the nutrition of food.

Create Better Access

Oakland’s grocery gives low-income group an opportunity to settle on healthy food options. These stores are actually mobile groceries that avail customers with reasonable organic produce instead of soda or chips.

Engage Youth

By making farmers mentally and economically influencing, you can help youth adopt food system as a perfect career option. Allover sun-Saharan Arica is now endeavoring to connect all the farmers with information on weather via mobiles phones and internet.


Prevent Waste

In general, one-third of total food is washed out in fields during storage or transportation. However, there are inexpensive ways of preventing this waste.

Focus More On Vegetables

Around two-billion people today are suffering from lack of micronutrients that further leads to poor growth. “World Vegetable Center” is now helping farmers to grow nutrient-rich and high value vegetables to improve health of citizens and raise income.

Create Friendliness

Hartman Group revealed the fact that around half of total adults in United States eat meals without share. However, sharing of this meal with friends or family members can promote community.

Protect Workers

Food workers today are struggling for better working conditions as well as pay. GAPWUZ has recently come forward to protect food workers from abuse.

Admit The Significance Of Farmers

Farmers are not only farmers, but also businesspersons and wardens of land who share knowledge with communities.

Time To Change Metrics

Government, Non-Government Organizations and funders are now focusing on increased production and better yields before protecting atmosphere and improving food nutrition.

Improvise Broken System Of Food

Agriculture has come as only solution to most of pressing challenges of world like obesity, weather changes and unemployment.

Recognize Government’s Role

Countries must execute policies that proffer you an access to affordable, healthy and safe food. Government action in Ghana can be distinguished as “National School Feeding Programs” to support increase of agriculture production.

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