10 Reasons to eat breakfast


Breakfast is the first meal of the day, but a number of people usually ignore it. For that reason, a lot of health disorders may appear. There are many reasons why one should take regular breakfast. Here, are the 10 most important reasons to stick to a healthy breakfast.

1. Provides Initial Energy

Breakfast refers to break the fast, which begins from the night after dinner. It ends when you take the first food of the day and it is called breakfast. While you wake up, your GI system has already digested the food that you ate in dinner. Then you need some food to get the initial energy for the day. If skip the breakfast, then you cannot get the required energy to work for the whole day.

2. Maintains Accurate BMR

If you skip the breakfast, then the BMR or the Basic Metabolic Rate will get down. It happens because the fasting duration will become larger, as you do not take your breakfast. If the BMR reduces then normally the stored energy in your body will be converted into fat. This fat is the cause of many diseases.

3. Avoids Overeating at Lunch

You will eat more in lunch, if you skip the breakfast. It’s because your energy will be exhausted by the noon, as you are fasting for a long time. Such habit will cause numerous diseases. It’s healthy habit to eat breakfast.

4. To Be Healthy

Unlike lunch or dinner, breakfast comprises healthy foods, which help you to have a healthy body. So, if you eat breakfast at right time, then you will be always healthy.

5. Keeps a Nice Frame of Mind

While someone awakes from bed, normally he or she needs some time to have a nice frame of mind. The remaining part gets well after having the breakfast. So, Your frame of mind would not be completely refreshed, if you ignore breakfast.

6. Keeps Disease Away

According to many medical specialists, the habit of not taking breakfast may call on a number of dangerous diseases. Those are so dangerous that even can take your life. However, keeping a habit of taking regular breakfast makes your body disease free.

7. Increases Resistant Power

Habit of taking regular and proper breakfast also helps you to increase the resistant power of the body. So, you easily cope with fever, cold and flu etc.

8. Maintains a Healthy Body Weight

Normally people may have extra fat due to not taking their breakfast regularly. It happens because they start eating more at lunch. So, you could avoid obesity, if you eat breakfast regularly.

9. Maintains Accurate Cholesterol Level

Many medical reports have shown that people who often do not take breakfast have abnormal cholesterol level. So, breakfast also helps to maintain the accurate level of cholesterol.

10. Heps in maintaining a Glowing Skin

Many skin specialists suggest to eat breakfast at right time to keep the skin glowing. Normal breakfast helps to make the skin shining, as it takes in a number of fruits and vitamin food items.

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