10 Healthy cooking techniques to cut calorie count

Healthy cooking techniques can drastically cut calorie count and preserve the natural nutrients of any food. By using these easy and basic cooking techniques you too can prepare food the healthiest way.

1. Braising

Braising is a cooking technique where the ingredients are first browned in a pan on a stove. Then it is slow cooked in a little amount of liquid covering the pan or the container. The broth which is produced during this cooking style is extremely flavorful and rich in nutrients and can be used in making soups and sauces.

2. Boiling

Boiling is a great way to make delicious soups and broths for various dishes. Make delicious tomato soup by first chopping tomatoes and boil them in chicken broth for a delicious homemade tomato soup. Add fresh herbs, spices and seasoning to create your own version. Almost any vegetable can be made into a sumptuous soup using this cooking technique.

3. Baking

Baking is the most favored cooking techniques world wide. This cooking style produces some of the most delectable dishes both sweet and savory. It needs a tiny bit of oil or butter yet resulting in a great tasting dish. Baking keeps the flavors and nutrients intact. It is an extremely healthy way of cooking too.

4. Steaming

Steaming is one of the simplest methods of cooking. It includes steaming food in a basket which is suspended above simmering water or flavored broth. This method almost totally eliminates the use of oil or butter apart from being a flavoring agent. It is an extremely healthy way of cooking both vegetables and meat and the results are always delicious.

5. Stir-Frying

Stir-frying is a traditional Asian method of cooking. This method cooks small amounts of food quickly keeping intact its color, flavor and nutrients. Stir-frying includes cooking uniform sized pieces of food as they are rapidly stirred in a large non-stick pan. This technique needs only a small amount of oil and works well with cooking spray as well.

6. Sauteing

In the sauteing method of cooking, food is quickly cooked as there are relatively thin or small pieces of food. By choosing a good quality nonstick pan, your cooking can be totally oil free. Sauteing keeps the flavor and nutrients in the food intact.

7. Roasting

Roasting is pretty much like baking, but at a higher temperature. By using an oven’s dry heat, the food is evenly cooked. Foods like vegetable, meat, fish and even fruits can be roasted on a roasting pan or a baking sheet. Placing a rack inside the roasting tray ensures that all the fat in the food drips away during the cooking process resulting in a delicious and nutritious dish. To avoid food from drying up in the oven you may need to cover it during cooking in some cases.

8. Grilling and broiling

In both grilling and broiling the food is exposed to direct heat. This is one of the most loved ways of cooking at family and friends outings. Grilling outdoors is placing the food on a grill rack which is above a bed of charcoal. It can be a gas-heated rock grill as well. Grills should be carefully handled and all the manufacturer’s directions should be followed, especially in case of an indoor grill. If grilling smaller pieces of food items, a foil should be used to prevent the pieces from slipping down through the rack. In the broiling method, place the food on a broiler rack with a heat element below. In both the methods the fat is allowed to slowly drip away as the food cooks, making it healthier and tasty.

9. Stews

Stews are a great way of cooking a sumptuous and filling meal. This method cooks all the ingredients in a large pot with water or stock for a long time. It is a kind of slow cooking where all the ingredients amalgamate to form one nutritious and healthy dish. Food like meat, vegetables and even beans can be cooked to make a stew. Put in loads of veggies to make it extra nutritious.

10. Blanching

Blanching is one of the healthiest ways of cooking vegetables. This method of cooking includes dipping cut vegetables in to boiling water for a short time till the vegetables are cooked but yet crispy. This method keeps the color, flavor and the nutrients of the foods intact.

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