10 World’s best alcoholic beverages

Alcohol based beverages are slowly gaining ground and becoming more popular. These beverages go easy on alcohol and are not too strong. It follows the anti-cocktail rule of alcohol mixture, and alcohol is said to be only 15-50 percent of the total drink. Here is a list of best alcoholic beverages of the world, or from different parts of the world.

1. Sake

A rice based alcoholic beverage from the Land of the rising sun. It is a kind of rice wine. The alcohol content in sake is normally 9-16%. Sake is brewed using sugar starch. Sake is a winning favorite among Japanese and its taste differs from sweet to mildly bitter depending on the alcohol content. Sake tastes best when served chilled.

2. Guinness

It is always said that a wine counter is incomplete, if it does not stock some fine quality Irish wine. There are some supreme quality Irish alcoholic beverages that exist, but Guinness tops the list of Irish alcoholic beverages. Guinness is the most successful beer brand that is sold worldwide and has found tons of acclaims for its taste. It has a distinctive roasted flavor that’s derived from the use of unmalted barley that goes into making it.

3. Chimay

Drink for a cause is the message that Chimay brand spreads. Chimay is a brewery located in Belgium that was unearthed way back in the 1860s. It is located inside a Trappist monastery and produces different varieties of beer, for either the consumption of these beverages by the monks or to aid in financial development of the monastery. Dark beer with a high percentage of alcohol is the most famous.

4. Absinthe and Beherovka

A beverage prepared from selected ingredients and spices as anise, wormwood, that gives this beverage its typical bitter taste. Due to its bitter taste, it is usually drunk with sugar but can also be drunk with water. Absinthe has been banned in many European nations, but continues to woo people at Prague clubs. It faces stiff competition from beherovka, a mystical herbal liqueur, whose recipe is known to just two persons in the whole world.

5. Burgundy

Nothing suits a wine palate better than classic French wine. Sparkling wine, red wine and white wine are a specialty of this region. The rich soil of this region supports fruitful vineyards which are responsible for the production of premium quality wine. Burgundy has the highest number of vineyards all over France.

6. Caipiroska

A vodka based cocktail of Brazilian origin. The Caipiroska has gained popularity over the years and has found lots of votes due to its cooling taste. A change from the original, Caipirinha, has been brought about and instead of cachua, vodka is used in this remixed version. The fresh lime taste of the cocktail is indeed refreshing.

7. Tequila

Calling for a shot, anyone? Tequila is a spirit made from blue agave plant grown in the Tequila region of Mexico. It is a clear and transparent drink that is harsh in taste and has an unusual strong flavor. It is usually accompanied by bits of fresh lime and tastes best when served at room temperature.

8. George Dickel Tennessee whiskey

The George Dickel Tennessee whiskey is an all-time American favorite whiskey. The Tennessee whiskey come in distinct flavors and different varieties. Founded by George Dickel, this whiskey has a milder taste and is distilled twice, and stored in burnt oak barrels to garner taste.

9. Vodka

The national drink of Poland, vodka is a distilled beverage. It is made from fermented substances such as potatoes, grains, and fruits. The vodka is a widely savored beverage that often forms the base of many popular cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Screwdriver. However, it is also drunk neat.

10. Scotch

One of the finest whiskeys of the world, Scotch is an original Scottish whiskey that owes its name to the region of manufacture. The Scotch whiskey is available in different varieties and takes a minimum of three years to be prepared after storing them in oak barrels.

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