10 Essential kitchen appliances

The perfect Kitchen

Cooking is a blessed feeling. If you know how to cook, it not only makes you self-sufficient but also relaxes you tremendously. Scientists have claimed that the fragrance of spices and vegetables have a soothing effect on mind. However, cooking cannot be fun if you do not have a well-equipped kitchen.

If cooking is an art then the right appliances are the brushes, which paint the masterpiece. These appliances make cooking easy. Here is the list of top 10 kitchen appliances that you must have in your kitchen.

1. Microwave

People have misconception that food cooked in microwave is not healthy. Microwave makes heating of your food easy. They cook things very fast. Having a microwave reduces the cooking time of your life to nearly quarter of its value.

2. Right set of knives

Cutting vegetable, need different set of knives. The vegetables are cut coarsely for cooking, while for salad the finishing of the cuts needs to be proper. Similarly, vegetables and meat need different set of force and cuts.

3. Cooking thermometer

Most of the time, you will you have the perfect grilled meat in your hand and you end up serving it raw. Unless you are master in the art of grilling, the cooking thermometers are must to have. These thermometers can be inserted inside the meat while it is being cooked to ensure the right temperature of cooking.

4. Grinder and Mixer

After a tired day, it is very hard to grind spices or mix vegetables for puree on your own. The mixer and grinder can make puree or grind your spices to powder form for proper mixing in just no time. This little machine is a blessing for cooks who do not want market spice mix and prefer to make their own.

5. Cutting boards

Cutting boards are necessary as they save kitchen table from knife scratches and simultaneously prevent your raw food from contamination. At least two sets of cutting boards should be always kept handy. The meat board needs frequent thorough washing while simple washing is sufficient for vegetable boards. These boards prevent food contamination and thus are must to have.

6. Non stick cookware

They are the marvelous gift from polymer industry. The non-stick cookware not only absorbs less oil but they ensure fast and uniform cooking. They do not burn your vegetables and stick them on its surface, which otherwise takes lot of cooking oil.

7. Egg beaters

These appliances are not only good for beating eggs but also are must for making cakes and breads. It ensures proper mixing of all ingredients to make the perfect batter, which in turn ensures smoothness and softness of cake or bread.

8. Measuring units

Measuring cups and spoons are must for rookie cooks. These cooking wares give a perfect balance to your cooking needs. It helps in measuring sugar, flour, oil and other items if you are following a cooking recipe book. These are must for cooking the food to perfection.

9. Oven and grills

These big machines are must for cooking breads, cakes, baked vegetables and meat. They not only ensure proper cooking but also give an incredible taste to the food. These ovens also ensure contamination free food made from fermented batters.

10. Antibacterial hand-wash and wipes

For cooking healthy food, your hands should always be clean for prevent food contamination. Similarly fresh wipes removes the excess water from washed hands otherwise, they can a cooking catastrophe when you are handling hot oil. Cleaning and wiping hands is an excellent practice.

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