10 Best street food in Dhaka


An advantage added to travelling different parts of the world is a taste of different cuisines. This is unique in its way and this also makes for a brief introduction to the culture and habits of the place. Bangladesh in the Indian subcontinent is a small yet beautiful country and their street food will leave you craving for more. The lip smacking taste of their food is hailed worldwide and in this article we thought of giving you a glimpse of the 10 best street foods in Dhaka. If you plan to visit the capital of Bangladesh for work or for a fun trip, these are the things to try which you must not miss out on.

Some of the best street foods in Dhaka

  1. Peanuts:These work as very instant snacks which is readily available on the streets of Dhaka. You can easily buy the roasted peanuts for a fairly affordable price and loaded with good fats and good taste, this serves as a healthy yet nutritious snack which you can enjoy on the go.
  2. Bhelpuri: Puffed rice features among the popular recipes in Bangladesh and is used in various forms as both snacks and a main course. To prepare Bhelpuris, an assortment of sauces and condiments are used along with freshly chopped onions tomatoes and boiled potatoes. It makes for a very filling and tasty snack which can lighten up your afternoons. This is among the best street foods in Dhaka because of its popularity.
  3. Jhalmuri:
    JhalmuriThis is yet another snack that is based on the use of puffed rice. It is somewhat spicy in nature due to a large amount of chilies being used in it but if you have the stomach for spicy food, this is the snacks for you to try out. A lot of condiments are used to mix the puffed rice with lemons, ghumni and some chanachur. Since we are talking about the best street foods in Dhaka, jhalmuri is a must try item and is among the popular snacks in this part of the world.
  4. Pickles: Pickles are very popular in this part of the world. They are consumed with a lot of the staple food items and also serve as an easy snack. People make pickles of mangoes lemons tamarind chilis and some other vegetables. They come in all kinds of taste from the spicy to sweet to very sour. Since the temperatures are usually high in this part of the world, these also help in better digestion and are a healthy option.
  5. Fuchka:It goes by various names and is very popular as a snack in both India and Bangladesh. If you are roaming the streets of Dhaka, fuchka is such an integral part of Bangladeshi cuisine that you just cannot miss out munching on it. These are basically crisp hollow flour balls which are filled up with spiced potatoes. It is then dunked in tamarind infused water and is usually eaten after the water fills it up.
  6. Shrimp kebab: The country of Bangladesh is small and lacks many geographical features but rivers and oceans are in abundance. Due to this there is always a ready availability of fish and shrimp. Shrimp marinated and grilled is a very popular snack that can be found in the streets of Dhaka. It is definitely among the things to try if you want to enjoy the snacks found in this part.
  7. Fruits with chili and salt:Fruits with chili and saltMangoes, guavas, watermelons and many other nutritious fruits grow in abundance in the tropical climate of Bangladesh. These are sold as snacks after sprinkling them with chili powder or salt or even both in some cases.
  8. Pitha: This is usually a sweet delicacy that comes in various forms. While some are made of coconut others are purely milk based desserts. In all forms though these are incredibly tasty snacks.
  9. Paratha and tikka kebab:Paratha and tikka kebabThis snack will please the meat lovers. This is usually chicken or lamb meat that is well marinated and seasoned and then grilled. It is served with flat bread to provide the perfect filling and tasty food option if you are exploring the streets of Dhaka.
  10. Khetapuri: This is somewhat a bit similar in the making process to that of the dalpuri. This however has more ingredients in it and is also a bit more spice than its pulses infused flat bread counterpart.

Final words

The Bangladeshi cuisine is regarded and rated highly by food critics all over the world and for good reason. A taste of these amazing foodstuffs available on the streets of Bangladesh will tell you that we are not exaggerating one bit. If you do not taste these popular recipes, you are definitely not making the most out of your trip to this nation.

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