20 Lip Smacking Snacks for Football Fans

Snacks and Football

Football fans are at their best on the field and off the field. They spend their entire energy yelling at their team and cheering for them while booing their opposition. So, snacks are a must for football fans, not just to provide energy, but to add zing to their live action. Like a Tom Cruise movie, live football action along with crispy fried munchies is a blockbuster. Snacks never lets the excitement of football fans die out. So, here is a list of 20 lip smacking snacks for the football fans.

1. Chicken Wings

A hot and tangy snack served with a spicy sauce. Chicken wings are the fried chicken wings that’s coated in a vinegar-cayenne pepper sauce. A real accompaniment to the live football frenzy.

2. Nachos and cheese dip

The ultimate crunchy and creamy experience. Nachos served with cheese dip is a popular Mexican snack. The nachos are crispy corn chips layered with a cheese dip, that is ready to land straight into your mouth.

3. Potato Wedges

A very, common, simple and tasty snack. Fried potato wedges are a variation of french fries. Unpeeled slices of potatoes are crisp fried, seasoned with salt and pepper and served with a variety of sauces and dips.

4. Grilled sausages

Grilled sausages are a delight for every snack lover. Sausages are prepared using ground meat seasoned with choicest herbs, salt and pepper and then grilled to perfection.

5. Classic cheese ball

A cheesy delight for football fans. Whatever type of cheese goes into making the balls, one thing is for sure, it melts in your mouth.

6. Cheese bites and (wheat) crackers

A firehouse will explode in your mouth. Cheesy bites served with crackers is a wonder in itself. Crackers is a healthy option and once in a while, cheese bites is fine for diet freaks.

7. A crazy big salad

For a big gang of football lovers, a big bowl of salad will be a goal. A healthy option as compared to fried snacks. Fresh, green and crisp vegetables tossed with a delicious salad dressing is an all-time best snack.

8. Hot sandwiches

A hot sandwich is one of the oldest snack enjoyed by football fans. Any filling, vegetarian or non-vegetarian wrapped under slices of whole-wheat bread is simply wholesome.

9. Pizza Loaf

An Italian specialty, the pizza loaf is truly a fantastic catch for all snack lovers cum football fans. The exciting pepperoni and cheese snack sizzles with tomato ketchup.

10. Chicken kebabs

Famous in all Asian countries, this is one snack, football lovers all over the world vouch for. Small sized boneless chicken pieces grilled or baked in a hot gas oven or microwave to give the chicken a smoky aroma and roasted taste.

11. Samosas

An Indian delicacy that’s a hit with not only every Indian on earth, but also with foreigners who have tried it out once. A flour patty with spicy potato filling intends to do salsa with your taste buds.

12. Burritos

The Mexican football team has found tons of fans thanks to the burritos. Burritos is a popular Mexican snack. It is a wheat flour tortilla that’s wrapped around a spicy filling of red kidney beans, legumes, beef.

13. Grilled cheese burgers

Make sure you check your diet before you check these burgers. The grilled cheese burgers is a hot American favorite. Served with a generous dollop of mayonnaise and crunchy lettuce slices, the grilled cheese patty is set right between two fresh bun rounds.

14. Garlic bread made with cheese

A garlic bread is a bread topped with garlic and tossed with olive oil or cheese and then grilled or toasted. Garlic bread made with cheese is a non-healthy variant as compared to the one made with olive oil.

15. Meatballs

Meatballs are ground meat seasoned with spices and herbs, rolled into small balls and deep fried or baked to soft, tender balls. Served with a variety of accompaniments as mashed potatoes, dips and sauces, now cheering for your favorite team is more exciting.

16. Quiche

A quiche is an oven baked salted pie replica made of milk, cream, eggs and filled with meat, vegetables or cheese. A delicious way to actively participate in football extravaganza.

17. BBQ

Open air cooking at its best. Usually winter Sundays witness the BBQ grill lit-up in almost every garden of the block. But apart from this, the barbecued beef or poultry pieces are simply mouth watering and a treat for ‘goal’ fans.

18. Calzone

A calzone is a pizza variant, that’s topped with amazing spicy toppings as tomato-cheese, mozzarella cheese. It is quite irresistible.

19. Pocket subs

A pocket friendly snack that’s handy for on field football fans. Fill pocket-sized buns with any topping of your choice, wrap them in foils or plastic sheets and go cheer!

20. Crudites

A traditional French snack that has found many fans. Crudites are a combination of raw veggies and vinaigrette. It is a healthy snack option.

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