Adding chilies to your dishes only makes them spicy but adding the right amount of spices that add both aroma and flavor to the dishes also helps in digestion and this is what all Indian spicy delicacies are all about. Indian food that will tickle your taste buds, get people’s nose running and moreover leave them grappling for hot flavors. Local delicacies of India that you cannot miss are the ones that are found among the states as their popular dishes. They not only crave you but they also have such spices that makes them one of the India food that will tickle your taste buds. So, here is a lists of Indian food you must try and that will make you go nuts and bonkers:

  • RISTA:
    Image Source : yummrajHaving its origin from the land of red meat and mini heaven, this dish of Kashmir is famous all over India. The gravy has everything you ask for ranging from tomato, garlic, red chili powder to all the numerous spices you can count. Highly aromatic and served with butter roti and enjoyed with cumin rice, this dish is the best culinary delight from Kashmir. What more can you ask for when such a warm dish is served in the cold snowy winters of Kashmir? These are local delicacies of India that you cannot miss.
  • LAAL MAAS:Laal-Maas
    Image Source : rajasthandirect.comif you enjoyed the Kashmir’s dish of Rista then lets further move to the far western end of India, Rajasthan. Laal Maas is a Rajasthani special dish that literally translates into Red Meat. Don’t be fooled by the name itself, this Red meat has not only the red color but it also has a red hot taste. It is made from the special spice of Rajasthan, Mathania which is also known as the Rajasthan’s Red chili. This dish was famous among the erstwhile Rajput warriors and the strong spices and extreme hot flavors still attracts a huge crowd.
  • VINDAALOO:VINDAALOOImage Source : rackcdn.comHaving tasted both the northern and the western delicacies, let’s move to Maharashtra. Vindaaloo is a popular and well known dish locally served among all the parts of the state but it has its most loyal customers in Goa. The Portuguese meaning of the dish is vinegar garlic. The main ingredients for this dish are generally Pork meat, garlic, spicy chilly, peppers, vinegar and lots of garlic. With every bite you can feel the adrenaline pumping up through your veins. This dish tops the list of Indian food you must try.

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