Enjoy Every Bite Of Jerky And Feel Satiated

Lean meat which is trimmed of its fat, cut into strips and dried is known as jerky.

For any avid foodie, especially non-vegetarian, jerky has always been a favored delicacy for obvious reasons. Traditionally made from whole muscle meat, jerky rightfully gains favor among food lovers as a nutritious savory or sweet snack.

Read on to find out why Jerky deserves mention among the best, delicious, quick snacks:

Method of preparation


Jerky is usually made from meat of domestic animals like beef, pork, buffalo, goat etc. Meat from wild animals like deer, kangaroo, salmon, ostrich etc are also used to make jerky. The fat is trimmed off as it does not dry and could lead to bacterial growth and become rancid.  Historically, jerky was prepared by drying in the sun. Nowadays, Jerky manufacturers marinate flat shaped meat in seasoned spices which is dried, smoked or dehydrated in low heat. Usually sugar is part of the ingredients, which makes Jerky a sweet and salty, tasty snack. As Jerky does not need to be refrigerated, it is good to eat anytime.

Nutritious, tasty snack


A 30g serving of jerky has 7 – 21 g protein (depending on the moisture content) which makes it one of the healthiest snacks around. Due to its nutritional value, it is a favorite of athletes, mountaineers, hikers and trekkers and even travelers / tourists, who can carry this dried meat with them conveniently. People who are trying to lose weight also can choose jerky as a healthy snack, as it can give them all the protein they need, without any fat. Jerky, especially beef jerky, is a favorite comfort food of many people. Jerky is preferred by astronauts too, as it is lightweight, high in protein, and helps them to feel satiated.

Types of jerky 

Many manufacturers use chemicals to reduce moisture or as preservatives, so organic jerky is a better choice. There are gluten free varieties available too, suitable for those who suffer from gluten allergy. Hormone free beef and turkey jerky is available for those who are health conscious and look for wholesome, nourishing food.

Traditionally, jerky was available only as a salty and sweet snack, but these days, it is available in many flavors, such as honey and herbs, hot pepper, teriyaki and many more. This has led to jerky being more popular than ever as a healthy and yummy snack, every bite of which you can relish.

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