Why Ordering Papa John’s Pizza on Halloween is a Healthy Choice


It’s that time of year, when the air feels a bit crisper and it seems that everyone is sipping a pumpkin-spiced beverage. With fall finally falling you probably have something savory and seasonal on your mind, but you might have overlooked one particularly perfect pick – Halloween pizza! It turns out that Papa John’s has what might be the best pumpkin pizza, so here’s why you should order up this tasty treat or any of their delectable dishes this Halloween season.

They Have One of the Best Pumpkin Pizzas

Pumpkin-PizzaPapa John’s pizza is a popular choice for any occasion, but it’s an extra-special treat around Halloween. That’s when the pizza purveyor rolls out its jack-o-lantern pizza, which is sure to charm you while it fills up your belly. Featuring a pumpkin-shaped crust, pepperoni border, and a smiley face made from your favorite toppings, it’s almost too cute to eat — but you’ll manage.

If you’re hosting a monster mash this Halloween season, Papa John’s pumpkin pizzas are sure to be a big hit with all of your ghoulish guests. Who wouldn’t love such a unique treat? Always check Papa John’s website for the best pizza deals to see what’s on offer near you.

They Always Have Some of the Best Lunch Options

Whether you’re ordering in for a Halloween lunch at the office or just needing your weekly pizza fix, remember that it’s easy to order Papa John’s for delivery or take out. Hop online to search lunch options near me, so you can check out all of the menu options.

When it comes to deciding what order, you’ll find more than just pizza on Papa John’s menu. Their famous Papadias might be your perfect midday meal, or maybe their chicken wings and poppers will be just right for your lunchtime noshing. Be sure to round out your meal with one of Papa John’s delectable desserts and you’ll be fueled up for the rest of the afternoon.

They Feature Great Specials

Halloween-partyWhether you’ve got a big family to feed, are ordering a boatload of food for a Halloween party, or are just sticking to a reasonable budget in general, you know how quickly food costs can add up. To put a good meal on the table without breaking the bank, check out the deals being offered by Papa John’s. You’ll find special pricing on individual servings, combo meals, multi-pizza purchases, and just about everything in between. Smart shoppers have learned never to order online before checking for discounts, and besides, food always seems to tastes better if you saved money on it!

If you’re craving some spicy wings or looking for the best pumpkin pizza this season, you’re sure to find something to tempt your tastebuds at Papa John’s. When it comes to celebrating All Hallows’ Eve, whether you’re planning a party or just spending the night in with the kids, be sure to order a jack-o-lantern pizza for an extra special treat. This festive fare will have your little goblins grinning.

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