What is Prepared Meal Delivery, and How is it Changing the Way we Eat?

Prepared Meal Delivery

We have such busy lives that cooking a home cooked meal almost seems like a luxury to some people. Americans especially have the everyday tasks of work, children, home, and just trying to balance all that without having a nervous breakdown. So because of this, we opt in for convenience. We end up eating unhealthy fast food meals just because it is convenient. When we do this we do terrible things to our bodies. In other countries, home cooked meals are mandatory, no matter how busy you are.

 The fast food industry is cashing in

fast food industryThe fast food industry is a booming industry. After all such quick chains who mottos are “Billions and billions of people served” billions and you think that isn’t just one time that’s pretty much every year. Those who know what I’m talking about understand where our country is headed. America is one of the most obese countries in the world. And that is highly due to our fast food industry. When you look at the nutritional facts of these fast food chains, the data that is revealed is awful. And these companies are marketing these fast food chains to appeal to us. 

If you want to eat healthy, you must pay more.

Another astonishing fact is that for those who are looking to eat healthy must pay more. That is outrageous, why is that? Why am I able to get a meal that’s heavy in calories, saturated fat, carbs, and sodium for $10 but, if I want to eat something, let’s say organic or very healthy then I’m looking at paying triple for a meal for one. In other countries, healthy meals are offered at extremely reasonable prices, and you are encouraged heavily to eat healthier. As Americans, we look for excuses to cut corners; we would rather spend that time cooking a healthy meal with an episode of Real Housewives and some take out. After all, you do not even have to leave your house now to get takeout.

How companies are creating meal delivery options.

ordering food from the website

Prepared meal delivery has become a big thing in the last few years. Maybe you have never heard of it, or perhaps you have, but you are just not sure what it is. What it is you order from the website that will give you prepared meal options, you then pick them and have them sent your home. Now there are so many advantages to this. These are usually subscription options so that they will come to your home once or twice a week. And often, the ingredients are fresh and farm to table type.

So what are the advantages to these types of subscription options?

  • Convenience- Having these items delivered to your doorstep is so much more convenient than having to go to the store. All you literally have to do is prepare the meal.
  • Health options- These meals are mostly healthy options giving you vegan, organic, and ketogenic options. Having these meals can help your cholesterol, fat intake, as well as many other healthy choices.
  • Portion control- Portion control is fantastic because overeating can lead to obesity. And many other health issues.
  • Saves money- You might not think about it, but everytime we are going out to eat, we spend 5xs as much as we could by eating a home cooked meal. This is why these subscriptions are great to have. You are able to save money and time. Perfect combination.

When you do a prepared meal delivery, you are incorporating healthy options into your busy lifestyle. We get it that most people are extremely busy, but we cannot let our health be put on the back burner.

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