7 Halloween Special Cocktails to Send Chills Down Your Spine

Halloween Special Cocktails

You can make Halloween spookier if you learn to present martinis accordingly. Creepy garnishes can be entertaining for your family members as well as pals. Special effects on cocktails can invoke an eerie mood. Show-stopping drinks not only charm but also frighten your guests. The day of evil with cocktails cannot be complete without cocktail shakers. You can make a perfect choice for yourself by getting reviews of the shakers. https://bestcocktailshaker.com/ can help you with it in the selection by re-examining several shakers. You can also see the ratings as well as their ranks.

The following techniques can aid you in playing with drinks and surprise your invitees.

1. Watching Eyes

Watching Eyes Cocktail

Before drinking, if you find eyeballs watching you, how will you feel? Redlined litchi eyeballs can complement your drink on an evil day. Blueberry inserted in litchi along with fruit preserves can help to create bloody veins on the eyeballs. You can also make an eerie eyeball from a radish. Radish eyeballs are more apt for drinks like Bloody Mary. Small green olives within mid-sized radish can assist in having a weird day.

2. Coloured Rim

Use black or red sugar and coat the rim of a glass with it. Vampire kissed martinis has similar features. If you fail to find coloured sugar, you can put food color into powdered sugar and decorate it. Do not forget to wet the rim with lime juice or lemon and dip it in a plate of powdered sugar. Further, giving a red base to the drinks can also give a dynamic effect.

3. Pumpkins with Drinks

Pumpkins with DrinksAn orange-coloured beverage at the base and an orange wheel placed on the top can give a pumpkin effect. It is an easy way to garnish that can be used on multiple occasions and martinis. Further, you can also serve martinis in pumpkin cups. Scoop a pumpkin to make it hollow. Make a drink and serve it in the cups infused with ice.

4. Seeping Blood

The red syrup is the best way to have a drink with dripping blood. The beverage looks better if it is green in color, that is a drink based on Midori. However, make sure that you have something thick to suspend in the beverage for long for your guests to enjoy.

5. Foggy Martinis

Foggy Martinis

Whenever human made fogs come to mind, dry ice is what strikes.  It is quite common to see a foggy atmosphere at parties. Setting individual beverages on ice can assist you in creating a foggy effect. However, very few people enjoy dry ice in their drinks. Thus, you leave dry ice out of the glasses. Further, consuming dry ice is also dangerous as it can cause severe burns in the internal organs. Be cautious while using dry ice and emphasize just creating mist rather than putting it in a drink.

6. Flames on Cocktails

Alert! If you are drunk, do not try to have entertainment with fire. Fire on cocktails looks cool but be careful since Halloween costumes are flammable. Have fire shots, but only before you are high. Be cautious so that you can enjoy it.

7. Enlightened Beverage

glow stick in martiniA glow stick in martini can enlighten it. Glowing bracelets or necklaces wrapped around a glass stem can give the same effect supported by glue. Nevertheless, always wash the glowing sticks before dipping it into a drink so that there is no debris. Chemical leakages from the sticks can prove to be life-threatening, so always take proper precautions.

Hope the party at your house will be the best on Halloween. Wish you luck to make the day scarier. Have fun!

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