Vegetables and fruits that are healthier eaten raw

As fried and processed food becomes a part of our everyday diet, many of us have stopped enjoying the taste and wholesome goodness of raw, uncooked food. The sweet juice of carrots and peas are lost in vegetable stock while the crunch in lettuce is softened with butter stir fry. Here are some foods that are healthier eaten raw.

Lost Richness of Green Veggies

Veggies such as broccoli, spinach, kale etc. are rich in vitamin C, sulforaphane and flavonoids essential for fighting cancer and reducing blood pressure. These are lost when fried or boiled extensively. Boiling broccoli is seen to reduce the sulforaphane levels by close to 70%! Besides the leafy vegetables,

Dehydrating Foods

Desiccated coconut is stripped of the hydrating goodness of coconut’s electrolytes and the healthy fats. Same with apples, when they are dehydrated, the sugar levels spike, adding more calories and carbohydrates in the cooking stage while a major portion of the nutrients and minerals are lost. Dried onions, mushrooms, garlic etc., lose their essential nutrients through the duration of the processing, and though the shelf-life increases, both taste and essential values are compromised.

Natural Goodness with Taste

Raspberries. Woman showing raspberries in closeup. Healthy food and raspberry concept.

Some vegetables are absolutely delicious to eat raw as well as it is to taste cooked. It may come as a surprise, but bell peppers have high amounts of vitamin C which are destroyed when cooked at high temperatures. Eating them raw in salads would be a healthier approach.  Same applies for berries, they lose their water-soluble vitamins and minerals in the dehydration process for drying. The juicy and sweet-sour fresh berries are extremely rewarding for the calorie-conscious.

Some Dried and fermented is Also Good

Dried nuts such as almonds, cashews and walnut are great source of essential nutrients, but roasting them will strip them of these values. Fermented legumes and pulses are power-packed source of vitamin C, fiber, folate, and other minerals. However, these are lost once the sprouts are cooked.

Easy ways to consume raw foods

Juices may keep the rawness intact, but they are stripped of most of the dietary fiber. However, when made at home, they are good source of nutrition. Salads with dressings such as ginger vinaigrette, Dijon sauce and olive oil add the extra zing to the natural vegetable flavors.

Grabbing carrots and cucumbers for a snack instead of the conventional chips or some monkey nuts in place of a peanut butter sandwich can up the nutrition quotient of your meal and also keep a watch on the weight with guilty-free snacking.

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