Treat your taste buds with delectable Brazilian beverages

That local cuisines and beverages reveal a country’s culture, ethos and tastes is no secret. When Brazil is your travel destination, you will come across an overwhelming option of beverages. Some of the delectable are exclusive to this Latin American nation while others are acquired and modified to meet the local tastes. Join us, as we take you through few of the options that are worthy of any ‘must-try’ Brazilian beverage list.  


Chimarrão takes the cake for obvious reasons. A drink with symbolic and social significance, Chimarrão is a preferred drink of everyday Brazilians and visitors alike. Available practically all across the country, Chimarrão is served in a hollow gourd and a metal straw comes as an accessory. The beverage not only tastes great but refreshes your mind as well. Moreover, the tea delivers multiple health benefits, including lipid metabolism and weight loss. The health benefits are an outcome of the abundance of natural caffeine. Being reasonably priced, Chimarrão will not hurt your pocket as well.


Invented as a drink to combat the dreaded Spanish Flu in the early 19th century, Caipirinha is for all reasons and seasons. Cachaça, liquor derived from sugar cane, is Caipirinha’s prime ingredient. The other ingredients include lime juice and sugar. Consider taking the beverage chilled with crushed ice. Other readily available versions of Caipirinha are Caipifruta and Caipiroska. Given the great sweet and sharp taste, you will not like leaving the Brazilian shores without treating your taste buds with the legendary cocktail.

Caju Amigo

Brazilians have a penchant for Cachaça and cashew fruit juice. Seemingly, Caju Amigo, which is a cocktail of the two, is so well received by Brazilians. It tastes refreshing and can be good for your health if consumed in the limit. When preparing the beverage, Cachaça and cashew fruit juice are aptly mixed and the outcome is served straight. However, you can ask for ice to amplify Caju Amigo’s impact on your taste buds.


Guaraná, the beverage, derives its name from the same name fruit exclusive to Amazon tropics. Guaraná is for you if a sharp, distinct flavor is your idea of a beverage. Since it contains caffeine in great proportions; the beverage can boost your energy levels and help to keep several ailments at bay.

When in Brazil, drink what the Brazilians drink. So, this thoughtfully curated list of beverages must help you treat your taste buds with when visiting the Latin American nation.

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